Sick Sucks.

This whole week I’ve pretty much been down for the count.
What the hell.
Monday I started coughing at Poe’s soccer game.
Coughed for 2 hours straight, just a dry cough.
Ate dinner on the way home.
Threw up when I got home.
Coughed coughed coughed.
Went to bed at 7:30 along with the boys.

Slept for 12 hours.
Woke up feeling like hell.
Mustered my way to school as I had MEAP’ers to assist with in the am.
Left work at lunch.
Had dr’s appt at 2.
Was told I had “a virus.”
Got a steroid shot (Cat C for pregnancy :-/  )
and a scrip for cough meds (another Cat C)
Went to OB doc at 3.
Everything a-okay.
Gained another 5lbs and was told “good size baby” upon “inspection”
Was able to reschedule 2 mini sessions.
Still had 2 to conduct on Tues night.
Mustered through them and it was all I could do to drag myself home at 7:30 and up to bed.

Slept another 12 hours.
Got P on bus, took H to preschool.
Went home and took a HOT bath.
and then slept from 9-2.
Woke up still feeling like hell.
Headache. Earache.
Still achy.
Made ANOTHER doctor appt.
Met with “Dr. Mike” a nurse.
Love him.
He listened to “symptoms” of “acid reflux” for last 2 weeks (which I told Dr. day prior) and diagnosed me w/sinus infection.
Got scrip for antibiotic and a netti pot.
Netti pot is WEIRD.

Slept like poop last night (probably because I’d slept so much in the past 2 days!)
Stayed home again today.
Mostly laid around, threw up, napped, threw up, took a shower.
Lots of coughing in-between 
Did manage to vacuum and do 2 loads of laundry.

I can’t wait to feel 100% better.  😦

  1. get better soon girl! i've never tried a neti pot, but i swear if i get sick this winter i'm buying one. people swear by those suckers. take care!

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