halfway to the weekend

  • The boys and I had dentist appointments yesterday.  It was Hudson’s first time and he did great.  He was a bit squirrley in the chair but wasn’t scared at all.  Porter went first and Hudson was SO curious about what was going on and he was watching so intently.
  • The hygienist found a loose tooth in Porter’s mouth!  Yippee!  He’s sooo excited.  So tell me, parents with toothless children… what is the going rate for a tooth?  I think I remember getting a few quarters.  The hygienist told Porter to request the $5 tooth fairy.  What?!
  • Ryan and I have plans to get away for our anniversary… 3 days and 2 nights up near Frankenmuth. I am SO excited for a few days away from the kids.  It will be nice to have some adult only time, go out to dinner without tantrums and shop without losing children.
  • I’ve already begun Christmas shopping.  I’m SOO excited to get this holiday going.  Poor Thanksgiving!  LOL!  We are still hosting our annual Thanksgiving dinner here (which we have not planned at.all. ooops!)
  • This past weekend was Girls Weekend at Duck Lake.  Because my mom was visiting (and staying with us that weekend), I missed out on Thursday and Friday night.  I was able to make it for the last evening and ended up staying until about 5pm on Sunday with Lori.  It was nice to get some scrapbook pages done- I haven’t scrapped since… uhm… sometime this summer???  I miss it!  I need to SET ASIDE and PLAN a day each month to spend a few hours scrapping.  This is something so important to me and I hate that I’ve let it slide off my plate.
  • I am 15 weeks pregnant today.  This pregnancy is going by so fast but oh so slow!  I’m huge.  Totally huge belly (and butt and thighs and boobs…).  Yikes.   I’m going to see LeeAnn this weekend to have her scan me and see if she can determine the gender.  I’m still not 100% I want to find out, but then again I’m so excited to find out.  Isn’t that so weird?  If she is able to tell, I’m having her put it in an envelope for Ryan and I to open alone at a later date. And, if we decide not to find out, we just leave the envelope sealed.

    Don’t forget to vote in the ExpectNet poll in my sidebar…. the game name is BabyBarczak3.  I think I’m going to do a prize for the winner… maybe some kind of gift card? 

  1. I went to the bank and got $10 in gold dollars for Jake when he started losing teeth. He thought they were neat because it was a gold coin and it was only $1! I got 10 because once they start losing teeth, they all seem to fall out fast.

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