Happy 8th Anniversary!

Ryan and I will be celebrating our 8th anniversary on Tuesday.  I can not believe it has been 8 years.  We pawned the kids off on their loving grandparents (Hudson went to Oma’s and Dave came to stay with Porter and the dogs), and Ryan and I took off for the weekend!

Our original plans were to go to a resort up at Boyne Mountain but there were issues with the scheduling and our rooms were “overbooked” or whatever.  So, we have a free weekend to use sometime later (oh and after this kid-free weekend, we SOO will be using it!).  Anyhow, we ended up staying in Flint so we could visit Frankenmuth and Birch Run.  (more on that later)

Friday we headed up after my doctor’s appointment.  We stopped at Subway for lunch and then went straight to Bronner’s… it’d been so long since we’d been there last.  I forgot how HUGE that store is!  It really got me in the Christmas spirit and we had fun browsing the millions of ornaments and decorations.  I sooo want to take the boys there but then… it almost would be crazy to try to take kids there.  GAH.  So busy and sooo many breakables.

After Bronner’s we had to wait an hour to have ornaments personalized (for the kids), so we went to a nearby shopping center type place.  It had a lot of neat little shops you wouldn’t typically see in a “mall”.  We got delish cupcakes and gelato at Sugar High.  YUM.

Afterwards we went back to Flint and ate at Fuddruckers.  Pretty decently priced and good food!  It was our first trip to a Fudd’s.

Saturday we headed back to Birch Run to shop.  We couldn’t figure out why we could not find a hotel in either city and it turns out that weekend was some big “Deer Widows Weekend” at the Birch Run Outlets.  WHEW.  Busy busy is an understatement.  We got some amazing deals though.  We had lunch at Uno’s Chicago (uh… the wait for lunch was an hour and 45 min. EEEK!  We were able to put our name down and shop for an hour then only had a half hour wait).  Their Chicago deep dish pizza was to die for.  YUMM.

We shopped ourselves out and went back to the hotel to rest and then picked ou Outback takeout (just Chocolate Thunder desserts).

It was such a nice, relaxing weekend and was so nice to get one on one time with Ryan.  We definitely need to do this more often!

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