Teeth, Sports, Careers and Babies

-Porter lost his 2nd tooth last night.  It’d been wiggly for a few weeks and Oma had told Porter the other day that if he pulled his tooth out before Saturday’s Christmas she’d give him $2.  Last night he asked me, out of the blue, “Mom, do you want me to pull my tooth out?”  I said I didn’t care (because, really??) and he walked into the kitchen, got a towel, came back into the living room and pulled that baby out in a second and said “Oops, there it is! I pulled it out!”  So random.  HAHA! Not sure if he was motivated more by the money promised by Oma or that he wanted to pull his 2nd tooth out before Aubri pulled hers out.

-Porter started basketball on Thursday.  It should be interesting… they had one practice (Thurs) and have a game next Saturday.  As usual, Porter was the only kid on his team (there are 6 kids) that was dinking around with his shorts, hands in his pocket, hopping and spinning around while the coach was instructing them on drills.   He said it was boring because he didn’t get to play… but doesn’t get that he has to LEARN how to play in order to PLAY.  Duh.  The child has no attention, I swear.   So… we’re holding him to playing this season (just until the end of Feb) because he is the one that initiated that he wanted to play basketball and the money is paid already.  I hope that he enjoys it after they start playing games.

-I decided to drop my Master’s classes.  I am taking a different direction (approach, mindset etc..) and just getting my 18 credits in a planned program to move onto my professional license.  The past few months I’ve become more at peace with where I am at with my work/career path at this time.  The bottom line was that I’m not sure when I’ll be fulltime and I don’t want to spend the next 4 years busting my butt to get my Masters degree and have it possibly over-qualify me and hold me back from getting hired in full time.  College will be there later.  Masters degrees will be there later.  One on one days with the kids?  They’re limited.  And I’m so glad I have made that discovery now rather than later.  My kids are only little for such a short period of time and I want to try to focus on them and not so much on building a career.  Sure, I’d love to be teaching full time but I also know that that would mean less time with my kids (no Friday-Mom-Days, more time planning at home etc) and right now I’m okay with not being full time.  I’m okay with putting the extra time into the boys (and soon baby sis) and viewing it as a blessing rather than a setback.  Sure, it may mean a few more years of doing photography more than I’d like, and it may mean driving my rusty but paid-off van instead of getting something shiny and new but I am choosing to be thankful for my Fridays with Hudson right now and thankful that I have been blessed with photography skills and a prosperous part time business that helps fill in the gaps when we need it to.

-Baby Sis (as we’ve come to call her) still does not have a name.  We have a few top contenders (and really, though, Ryan is pretty set on one name) but I’m not 100%.  I don’t have an absolute favorite, but feel pulled by one in particular.  I don’t know.  Regardless, we’ve decided to keep her name to ourselves until she is born.  Even if we decide I feel that this time I need to SEE her to be settled on her name.

Her room is coming along nicely!  Her walls are a light light spring green (very pale yellow/green).  New curtain rods have been hung and the curtains have been made (by me!) and hung.  We purchased a dresser at a resale shop and it was a pale yellow (which was pretty in itself but it clashed with the wall color) and I repainted it pink and distressed it so the yellow shows through in spots.  It is beautiful.  I love love love it.  I’ve attempted to work on her quilt today but only got so far as to cut out the 5″ squares.  My sewing machine has taken a dump on me.  So, hopefully I’ll get some progress done on that soon!  I still need a rug for her room though I kind of want to get the bedding done first to see if I need color or something neutral.  I wanted to do pink, but now that I have the curtains up I am leaning towards wanting something shaggy and cream/white colored.  We’ll see.

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