Oh Hudson…

January 14, 2012
Hudson (disgruntled with Targets big toilet seats). “Ugh I hate these kind of toilets!” 

Me: “Do you know what I hate? Little boys with sassy mouthes.”
H: “Know what I hate? Big girls who spank butts.”

(the boys, playing the wii)
Porter: “Hudson, you almost gave me a heart attack!”
Hudson: “A heart attack?!  Well that’s not so baaaad!” 

January 8, 2012 
Up early today. Hudson is coughing and says he has a “warm”. 
I asked what a warm was and he said “You know, a warm. It makes you choke and cough.”. 
I said “Do you mean a cold?“. 
“Oh, yeah. I have a cold.” he says. 

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