Friday with my Hudson….

I have so been enjoying my Fridays with Hudson.  Today was such a great day.  We got up and took Porter to school.  Hudson thought it was hilarious that both he and I wore our PJ’s.  

I had a doctor’s appointment and my 1-hr glucose test, so we headed to the lab first.  He was such a good boy and impressed a little old lady in the waiting room while playing his iWriteWords and FirstWords apps.  

After my appointment we went to JoAnn… he was really excited to go with me.  On our way out we bought a giant Rice Krispy Treat and split it.  He thought that was super special 🙂

We had lunch at home, played a few racing games on the Wii and then read a story in my bed and napped until it was time to pick Porter up.  Such a wonderful way to spend my Friday.  This little boy just melts my heart sometimes.  He’s been super lovey all day and evening… kissing me a million times and randomly coming up to me and hugging me saying “I love you Mom!”

He also cracks me up… he was full of it today and I had to record his little quotes:

H: “Mom if you let me drive your car, I will let you play me Wii…..”
Then he giggle and says “Wouldn’t that be terrible?!”


H: “When I get big I’m going to drive a big tractor.”
Me: “Will you give me a ride on your tractor?”
H: “Well there’s only one seat. So maybe I can ask Mr. Steve if I can borrow his trailer. And when you get littler you can ride in the trailer.”


After picking P up at school I was stopped at an intersection turning left.  Hudson, my little backseat driver, said “Go Mom!”  I told him I had to wait for the cars to go by so they didn’t hit us.  He tells me, “Well, you can’t just stop in the middle of the road!” and I told him I couldn’t just turn in front of the cars or they would hit us and wreck our van. He said, “Well, if you stop in the road the cars are going to say ‘Hey lady get out of the road or I’m going to hit you!”      Ohhhhkay!  

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