Crafty Weekend

This weekend I was pretty crafty… painted a shelf and picture frame for baby sis’ room, made a growth chart for a friends new baby boy, finished a painting for Hudson’s room and… hmmm… well, the weekend isn’t over, is it?!

I thought I’d share some projects here… some from this weekend and some from the past weeks/months.  Things I haven’t yet shared on my blog.

So, first up is Growth Charts.  Lately I have been making these for friends for babies’ 1st birthdays, births, etc…. it has turned out to be a great, one-of-a-kind gift and I enjoy making them.  Each of my boys have one (see Hudson’s… looks like I never posted Porter’s!) and I will be making one for baby sis as well.  Jessica just had her 3rd baby, little Abram, and I made this for her.  It matches his room decor (see more here!)

Last summer I made growth charts for Jillian and Lyla, Jane’s twins.  These also match their nursery. 

And onto Hudson’s room… the poor kid hasn’t had any artwork in his room since his nursery pictures.  I started painting this Solar System (knock off from Land of Nod) back in… 2010… 2 years ago really… when I began sewing his quilts for his “big boy bedroom”.  I never finished the painting and it has been in the basement ever since.  I finally started to feel bad that Porter’s room is all decorated and I’ve been so obsessed with decorating baby sis’ room, but Hudson’s was pretty bare and simple. (not to mention his wall is still under construction from 3.5 years ago when we moved in!!)  So… I finished his painting today.  And he’s so proud of it.

He loves that “he” is in his picture… in his rocket ship.  He says he is flying to Mars.  Because Mars is red and red is his ‘fravorite’ color.

 And our upstairs hallway.  Remember it used to look like this?  Well… last fall-ish I updated the wall collage with all beach pictures.  I love the colors!  I pulled some of the red and orange and teal fromt he pictures and used the colors for furniture/accents.  I plan to repaint that chair the aqua color and distress it so some red comes through.  And I’d like to get some teal/orange do-dads to put on the book shelf.  

This wall just makes me so happy.  I love that we have been able to vacation at the beach 1 or 2 times a year.  I love our beach memories!  I’m really bummed we won’t be going for spring break this year, but I am so so so excited about taking a trip next spring break with our THREE kids!

 On to baby sis’ room.  I still have a ways to go (need to recover rocking chair pad, sew quilt, put up some more wall decor, get a rug that doesn’t cost $500…. what else….. )

I’m still debating on location of these wall decor items.  Originally I had planned to put her name (if we ever decide on one) above her crib in the space between the circles.  But I almost would like to put the circles above the dresser and her Sunshine plaque above the crib.  But I’m kind of nervous to put a 2’x2′ piece of plywood above the crib.   I would really like to do a wall collage with a mix of vintage prints and photographs… but not sure what wall to do those on.

Here is another crafty craft I did.  I stopped at the thrift store a few weeks ago and found PERFECT sheets to match her room.  I decided to use them to make the crib skirt and I LOVE how it turned out.  I added little pom pom trim to the bottom.  The little patchwork blanket?  That is her “mine mine” (that is what Hudson has dubbed his little blankies… his mine mine’s).

OOohhkay.  I think that’s about enough craftiness for today!

  1. this post is totally motivating me to GET SOMETHING (anything really) done around my own house, nicole. 😉 the solar system canvas is AMAZING. better than the original. and your beach wall is stunning. can't wait to see the whole nursery finished and i adore the pom pom trim on your crib skirt! 🙂

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