You read to me, I’ll read to you

superbowl sunday, after awanas.
heather, jon and the girls were over (as well as dave).
aubri and porter take turns reading each other a book before porter goes to bed.
such a sweet moment.

Porter makes me so proud.  I know I brag about the kid a lot, but man, he makes me so proud!  Two weeks ago I was doing our Rigby testing for students’ reading levels.  I was curious as to what level Porter was reading at so I brought home books 2-7 (at this point in the year, a 1st grader should be at a Level 8, and by the end of the year a Level 16).  Porter recognized a few of the books and said he’d read them with his teacher.  I asked if he knew what number he read and he said “Uhm… I think a 9 or a 10?”

Oh my!

He flew through a Level 7 (the highest level I brought home).  The next day I brought a few more home and he flew through a Level 10 (and I haven’t had time to test him yet at higher levels).  So, at this point in kindergarten, he is beyond grade level expectations for a 1st grader.

I’ve also brought home our 1st grade math workbook and he has been earning Wii time by completing pages.  He seems to really “get” math and is pretty confident doing much of the math on his own.

So so proud of him.

  1. Wow, Aubri looks like a completely different kid without her curls!!Isn't it the BEST to watch your kid soak up learning like that? As teachers we know it's always fun to watch and so cool when kids really “get” it and make such progress, but there's something about watching your own kid make strides in reading and writing and having math facts click so easily… it's like a whole 'nother side to this parenting thing, to watch their brains grasp this stuff. It's like one minute they're this baby, and suddenly it flashes in your face they're a real live kid– and the smartest one on the planet! 😉

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