House Rules

After dinner last night we sat down and came up with a list of “house rules”. I have felt like sometimes Ryam and I aren’t as consistent as we should be when it comes to rules, and figured the best way to do it would be to involve the kids in creating them.

Funny thing… Most of the rules they suggested were the ones they are repeat offenders of haha! One that I know is going to be hard to keep up with is “Put away toys before getting more out.”Does anyone have kids that actually do this in their house? Maybe it’s just my kids, or our lack of discipline (or care) in this area but I feel like my kids just haphazardously pull out tous and never think twice to put them away. For the most part I don’t care. Until the playroom starts looking like miniature bombs went off and Lego’s and gi joes and hot wheels are covering every square inch of the floor. So, I’m hoping that if we put in a few weeks of good hard training in, they(or at least porter?) will help contain the mess.

 Another hopeful improvement is the bedtimes. Typically we read a few books an then the boys dink around in their beds looking at books with their lamps on until they fall asleep. As long as they are in thur beds and quiet I’m good. However, that often ends with 20 books scattered across their floors and just a plain old mess. So last night was our first try at 15 minutes of quiet time. We read a book, studied their bible verses for Awanas and then let them have 15 minutes to read and look at books on their own and we then had lights out. Now, for the past year or so both boys have become accustomed to falling asleep with their little lamps on. Tonight, however, went off without a hitch!

Here’s to new routines!

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