Name Polls!

So… baby girl still doesn’t have a name.  We DO have a short list and I am thinking we will probably take that short list to the hospital and name her then.  We are not sharing the names (I’m kind of having fun keeping it a secret!), however, I’m curious as to outsiders’ opinions of the names.  I made up a few polls, with a mixture of names we like and some names we used to like and some names that aren’t even on our list (you know… to keep it discreet HAHA!).  So… out of each of the 7 pairs, can you choose your favorite?   Thanks!

(And… if you’d like… leave a comment with your top 3 names out of the list!  I’d love to hear!)

  1. Obviously, my favorite is Norah. I like Lucille – especially if you shorten it to Lucy!! I also LOVE Hazel. That was on my list at one point – but Kevin vetoed that one. Can't wait to hear what you choose!!!

  2. 1st – Amelia, 2nd – Nora (spelled that way) and 3rd – dont know…all my other names you won't use….Jillian and Addison. However, I do love Piper.Good luck! I hope for a perfect delivery!

  3. I love, love, love both Amelia and Tessa. And Cora too. So sweet and simple.I really like Scarlett and Charlotte, but I don't love them with Barczak because the they're first part rhymey. 😉 I used to really like the name Rowen, but now I know more boys than girls with the name and I think with the style of boys names you have, kind of trendy/surnameish, it might sound like you're trying too hard with Rowen… I would probably assume you have three boys just looking at the names. (And it *almost* has the same ending sound Hudson and I'm weird about that.) I kinda think you need a more classicly strong girls name (like most of the rest on your “list”) to go with P and H.I can't believe you're keeping us in the dark on your final names!!

  4. I chose Brynn over Tessa b/c I have a niece named Brynn, and it's such a pretty name. Also I once had a student named Tessa- a horrible, horrible child- and therefore that name doesn't work for me:) Do you have any names like that as a teacher?I love Claire; I think Rowen sounds more like a dog's name, or a boy's name like Heather said. I also love Amelia.

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