I’m grumpy today.
We woke up late, and I didn’t hVe time to shower.
Porter had no clean underwear.
Neither did I.
So we are both wearing underwear that is slightly too small.
Hudson is wearing mismatched socks (a white one oh P’s and a blue McQueen one) and he may or may not be going commando.
I found another pair of my maternity pants that Ryan dried. That makes 4 pairs this week, plus one shirt.
I am whittling down to nothing that fits.
I am wearing the same outfit I wore yesterday.
This is depressing.
I’m sick of being pregnant.
I left the house with no makeup on. Makes me feel even more disgusting on top of no shower, yesterdays clothes, enormously fat and skanky hair.
The scale at the doctors office hates me and I’ve gained 3lbs in 2 weeks.
I’m limping like an old person today. My left inner thigh joint is killing me every time I walk.
I feel like crying at my OB appt.
My iron count is low (11.6 and cut off is 11.3).
Maybe this is why I feel exhausted by lunchtime everyday?
Hudson and I are going to A2 today.
I’m going to attempt to find some maternity clothes at the resale shop.
There is a whole slew of places I’d like to stop at while in A2 but sadly I’m pretty sure I’ll be too tired and achy to go to more than one or two stores.
11 more weeks to go.

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