This week in review

I started volunteering in the children’s ministry at Westwinds.  On Sunday I worked in the 3’s and 4’s room (Hudson’s room) and it was so fun.  The kids are adorable and I love being able to help some of the more timid, scared kids transition into class.  Although… I keep kicking myself and wondering… why and the hell did I start volunteering right now… when I’m uncomfortable and huge and cranky and can barely get up off the ground?!  HAHA!  

I met up with a friend at the Cascades Dog Park.  Duncan and Cooper had SO much fun.  We are definitely going to make this a weekly trip to give them a change of scenery and to meet up with other doggy friends.  

We had an early dinner at Los Tres and then dropped the boys off at Awanas.  While they were there, my mom and I went to Target (2nd trip of the day!) and then to Menards.  I found a rug for baby sis’ room and it is perfect!  (and was super super cheap!)

NO SCHOOL!  YAY!!!  Mom had stayed the night so we had planned to visit Babies R Us to participate in their trade in event (I traded in two expired carseats and got 25% off two new Nautilus seats for the boys).  Afterward we went to Chuck E Cheese.  Hudson’s first trip and Porter’s second… surprisingly it wasn’t too busy and the boys had so much fun.  

Then we drove back across Ann Arbor and picked up a baby swing from a lady who had posted it on Craigslist (Oh how I love Craigslist!!)  It is the Graco Sweetpeace swing and I got it for $50.  SWEET!  So… I think I’m pretty much done on needing to buy things for the baby.  I just need probably 2 more sets of sheets, a few waterproof crib pads (because our old ones we use on Hudson’s bed in case of the random accident), a hook on high chair for when she is able to join us at the table, and I’d also like to get this crib mattress cover that is supposed to reduce the toxins released from mattresses and lower chances of SIDS.  I am also considering purchasing the Angelcare Movement Monitor, which a friend had told me about… has anyone used this?  Opinions? 

The lady worked at Domino’s (uhm… I envisioned Domino’s… like… Domino’s Pizza??) but turns out the Domino’s complex by Domino’s Farms has law offices and all sorts of other offices.  LOL!  Since we were right there, we took the boys to Domino’s Farms.  Super short little visit, but it was nice!  We’ll have to go again when it is warmer!

Porter’s birthday.  How is it that he is 6 already?  He is going to get a post of his own. 🙂  
The rest of this week has been typical.  We’re expecting a “snowstorm” tonight (of course… because tomorrow is Friday and I don’t work Fridays!) and everyone is hoping for a snow day.  It is crazy we have only had one snow day- in November at that!

  1. Domino Farms also has UofM Hospital outpatient clinics too! I worked there for a year part time while taking my nursing pre-reqs. It's called “Domino Farms Preventative Cardiology”. It's such a random assortment of businesses in there.

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