Sneak Peek of Sis’ Room… so far….

I’m actually preeeettty close to being done… and I’m soo soo happy with how it has turned out so far.  
This afternoon Porter helped me make the 16×24 painting above the crib.  He was so cute painting the flowers… he said “I feel like an artist!”  🙂  I made sure to take a few pics so Sis could see, when she’s older, that her big brother helped make this for her.  

The flower/butterfly painting is a combination knock-off of Land of Nod’s Butterfly and Flowers wall art.

UGHH.  I still need to recover that rocker.  Any suggestions on fabric/color etc to put on it?  I was thinking a subtle, small patterned, monochromatic fabric… but not sure if that’ll be too busy.  Do I go dark?  Light?  More pink?  Orange?  Green?  Brown???

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