6th birthday party | porter evan

It sort of felt like Porter’s birthday was a week-long celebration of some sort.  I also felt like I was constantly making cupcakes!  On Tuesday morning my big 6 year old woke up to his typical Birthday Morning Balloons and his doorway decorated.  He was so excited to get to school that he was dressed and had his coat and shoes on before I was even out of the shower!   The night before, I had baked his class cupcakes and asked him what color frosting he wanted me to make.  He said “Green!  Oh and pink and purple for the girls, too!”  Such a sweetie.  So, he took green, pink and purple cupcakes.



That evening we had some family come over- my mom, Dave, my grandma, Aubri and Addi.  Luckily I had a dozen cupcakes leftover from making 2 boxes for his class, so we had cupcakes again.  Porter opened his presents and the kids played.



On Saturday he had his “friend” birthday party.  We gave him the option to go somewhere fun that weekend (Dundee Waterpark, Great Wolf Lodge, Chidlren’s Museum etc) or have friends over to celebrate.  He chose to have friends over.  I was getting really worried because by Friday we’d only heard back from two friends (one yes, one no).  The other 6 kids from his class that he invited had not rsvp’d.  (What is up with people not RSVP’ing?!  So annoying).  Luckily, he had one friend from class show up and the neighbor came over as well.  Honestly, the 5 of those boys were PLENTY for a 2 hour time span!

As usual, I had a ton of fun decorating for the party.  I think that’s my favorite part!

We started off the birthday party with a little jam session.  We had bought some blow-up guitars for each of the kids and I had downloaded some rock n roll songs for them.  They were hilarious and had SO much fun!  Porter and Lukas really got into it!





Then we played Rock n Roll Musical Chairs.  Ryan and I quickly found out that 6 year old boys do NOT like to lose and it was hard to reassure them that they would ALL get a prize by the end of the party.



Then we had cupcakes, lemonade and cheese puffs!



Of course the party wouldn’t be complete without a group photo!  I loove how cooperative they were!!
(L-R) Eian, Hunter, Porter, Lukas and Hudson.


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