Work Weary

This week is quite possibly my last week working full days.  I’ve decided to cut back my hours (to only working 4hrs/day) and have someone else take over my RTI time in the afternoon.  By noon my back is killing me from sitting on hard chairs and walking all around the school, and by the end of the day (after 6 groups of kids, walking back and forth to 6 different classrooms at all ends of the school) I’m completely wiped out.  I get home and have to lay down because my back and hips hurt so bad, and I pretty much have nothing left to give my kids- let alone my husband or the house or laundry and all that stuff.  Let’s not forget my mood… I’m cranky and grumpy and irritable and short tempered by the end of the day.  Boo.

I’ve wavered back and forth about taking the afternoons off.  On one hand I feel like a complete lazy ass for wanting to call it quits at 31 weeks pregnant.  I still have 9 more weeks to go!  On the other hand, I realize the circumstances around this pregnancy are quite different than when I was pregnant with Porter, or even Hudson.  With Porter all I had to do was incubate.  I didn’t have other kids to worry about and though I worked full-time (student teaching) up until 34 weeks, I did have the last 6 weeks to sit on my butt.  With Hudson, I was half days up until 20 weeks and then full days until the very very end.  But even then I only had Porter at home, and our house was 1/3 of the size (so much less to clean and only ONE little 2 year old to pick up after).  And on top of that I’m in the middle of getting all my business stuff ready for my accountant (ahem…. uh… the entire last years’ worth of bookwork EEEEK!) and I’m taking a grad class.

So… I do have a lot on my plate and my body is just not loving this pregnancy as well as it did the last two.  Just sitting at my desk (errr table at work) or at the computer is painful.  The only position I feel comfortable is laying horizontal.  Doing nothing.  Just.  Laying.  And I don’t think that’ll fly at work.

I guess that’s where I’m at.  I’ve worked it out with my boss and have someone to cover my RTI hours, with plans for her to take over for me next week.  I’m hoping that getting out at 12:30 will give me time to rest for a bit or do laundry or grocery shop (or work on my business tax stuff to get to my accountant!) etc before the kids get home…. a little refresher before Round 2, and even then once they’re in bed I still have homework to do a couple evenings a week.  GAHH.

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