I smell springtime!

I’m certain it is just a tease, but I’m going to enjoy the nice weather while we have it.  You never know… we could have a snowstorm next week!

So this entire week is supposed to be in the upper 60’s, and I’ve heard tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70’s.  My favorite weather!

The nice weather had all of us outside and doing spring-like things around the yard.  I totally overdid myself and am paying for it with lots of pain.
What I accomplished today:

  • Nap with Hudson (from 2-4)
  • Put together new outdoor dining table 
  • Picked up all the garbage, chewed toys and shards of shredded sand buckets around the yard (thanks, Cooper!).
  • Helped Porter learn to rollerblade
  • Cleaned out the flowerbed by our mailbox (raked, pulled/clipped dead plants)
  • Pruned plants in front landscaping
  • Filled in 2 holes in another flowerbed that Cooper dug
  • Played fetch with the dogs
  • Gave the boys AND Cooper a bath (not at the same time)
  • Did 2 loads of laundry
Okay, that does not seem like a lot, but man… it feels like a lot!  My body is killing me.  I want to lay in a hot bath but that’d mean I have to scrub out the tub from washing the dog and I just don’t have the energy to do that. 
The boys and Ryan did a lot this evening too…. Ry’s dad came over and we grilled out hotdogs.  Perfect first-grill-out to kick off spring.  Hudson played on the slide, Porter and Ry and Dave played baseball for a bit, the boys rode the gator and bikes, Porter rollerbladed.  WHEW.   Lots of fun!  

(Dunky Doo… he’s such a doofus.  He has tape or some kind of plastic hanging from his lip beard and he has no idea!)

  1. Yay for warm weather! Our weather has been bi-polar this year so we're still waiting for some consistent warm temps. You BBQ photo makes me SO excited for spring!

  2. ah, this is the exact reason i look forward to the nicer weather – being outside, getting things done around the yard … and not being stuck inside!

  3. I remember doing something similar when I was pregnant. We had a beautiful day out and I attempted to clean the back porch. Thats it. I paid for days in pain. Last spring it felt so good to get out there and just be able to do whatever I wanted. Getting close!! Hang in there!!

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