Hump Day Ramblings

  • SO SO beautiful out today- mid 70’s and sunshine! 
  • I surprised Porter and picked him up from school and took him to Dairy Queen.  He got a slushy/ice cream float.  Hmm.   We took our goodies to the park and threw rocks in the stream and ate our ice cream. 
  • On the way home from work today I heard THE perfect song for baby sis’ birth slideshow.  I am in love. 

  • This warm weather is amazing, but I so pity women who are preggers in the summer.  I’ve been swelling up in the evenings the past few weeks, but today at work my feet were like sausages and my hands were all puffy.  Didn’t help that the heat is still on at school and our classroom was easily 80*.  ICK!  
  • I’ve decided to take a semi-leave from Facebook.  I’m going to take a break from posting, but will still check occasionally to keep up on friends/family etc.  I want to try to retrain myself to choose Blogger to post on vs. sending a blip to Facebook.   But, I don’t want to withdraw completely from FB as it definitely has a time/place in life today.  I just need to refocus my priorities. 
  • Do you know who Rev Run is (you know, from Run D.M.C)?  Oh I am so addicted to his “words of widsom”.  Love it.  I’ve been posting them on Facebook (see… again… dissing the blog!) and wanted to write them down here as well.  
    • The Lord will make perfect that which concerns me. Psalms 138:8. 
    • Solid plan to have a stress free life: Do your best and forget the rest. 
    • Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect, it just means you’ve decided to look beyond life’s imperfections.
    • Remember:: The Law of Gods Grace is: When you are down to nothing, Gods up to something!!
    • You lessen your blessin when you compare what you have to others. 
  • Denise is currently doing a “30 Days of 30” blog posting (the idea started with Lindsay ).  I was bummed I didn’t start this in December and document my first 30 Days of 30, but decided… hey, why not start it now?  So, I think I’ll be working on those kind of posts for the next 30 days.  Hopefully I can stick with it!
  • I’ve got a couple designs done for baby sis’ birth announcement… love all of them so now the hard part is deciding which one to use!  Still no name for this little girl.  I think *I* am down to 3 names… though Ryan is pretty stuck on one in particular.  Her nursery is pretty much done- just need to quilt/bind the quilt, fill in a few frames with artwork/pics on the wall, recover the glider cushions and make a changing pad cover.  I am in love with how her room has turned out.  It is so much better than I ever envisioned!
  • My grad class is ALMOST done.  I’m in week 7 and next week is the last week!  I’m behind 2 assignments but… ughhh.  I’m not stressing.  I am not a “must get a 4.0” type of student and this might sound terrible but when the class started one of the first things I did was check the syllabus to see how many points I could possibly miss and still get a B.  HAHA!  It’s pretty certain I’ll be getting a B or somewhere around there.  I’m just so unmotivated anymore.  

  1. Yay! I'm glad you're going to do the 30 days of 30. I feel kind of silly talking about myself but I LOVE learning about other people! Can't wait to see all your posts!And I LOOOVE that song for baby girls birth slide show. Perfect!!

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