Hudson Friday

With all this nice weather lately, Hudson and I got out the 4t summer stuff so he had some shorts to wear. I was reminiscing Porter wearing these same clothes… how it seemed just like last summer but really was 2 summers ago, when he had just turned 4.  I told Hudson he needed to stop growing… and thus a hilarious little convo with little dude.
Me:  “Hudson, you need to stop growing and get littler. You’re getting too big!”
Hudson: “But I can’t!”
Me: “Why not?”
Hudson: “Because I don’t have a reverse!”
Me: “You don’t?!  Why don’t you have a reverse?”
Hudson: “Because God didn’t make me that way.  I just grow bigger!”
Me: “Well we need to have a talk with him… we need a reverse button on you because you have to stop all this growing.  Its making me sad.”
We stopped by the local resale shop to see if I could find any summer shorts for Porter.  I ended up getting a few things for Porter and some for Sis as well.  Hudson, however, brought me this Strawberry Shortcake doll he was just smitten with.  He said he loved her and so I caved and let him buy her. Poor Ryan is going to be falling apart… first Hudson’s sporting pink toenails and now he has a Strawberry Shortcake doll. 
It cracked me up, though, as we went to the park afterwards and of course Strawberry Shortcake had to go everywhere with him.  It was all little girls there at teh park, around 2 years old, and they were eyeing Miss SS.  Hudson kept telling me “That gur-ruhl is going to take my dah-wul.”  (The kid talks like he’s from Boston or something, it’s hilarious!).   I’m sure he looked quite interesting with his pink toenails, SS doll and truck shirt!  Shiloh Jolie-Pitt in a boy version?  BHAHAHAHA!

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