{30 Days of 30} Day 3: Your Favorite TV Program

Your Favorite TV Program
I have more than one favorite… for many reasons.  
Parenthood.  I started watching this in the 3rd season, but caught up via Hulu.  I am hooked.  I love the close knit family and how they get together to celebrate all the simple things in each others lives.  I love how involved they are and how they are all so close, regardless of what issues may come between them. 
Grey’s is another show I didn’t start watching until later- season 6 I think!  I caught up via DVD’s and Netflix.  Again, totally hooked.  I miss Izzy, though.  She was my favorite character. Loved her.  
Revenge is just in its 1st season, and I’m not sure how they’ll keep it going.  However, I love watching each week and there is always some sort of suspense and crazy drama going on!
Talk about drama… hehehe!  I have watched all of the RHW cities except Atlanta (though I watched a few).  I started watching RHW of Orange County when Porter was an infant- Katie and I used to get together to watch it on DVR.  We were addicts!  I loved when they started adding new cities- NYC, New Jersey and Beverly Hills.  I think one of my favorites was the first few seasons of NYC (when Bethenny was on it…. God I loved her and her one-liners!) and New Jersey- OOOH the drama!  Always drama!

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