Top O’ the Mornin’!

Aren’t these little leprechauns sooo cute?    I love all the different faces the kids come up with. 🙂

So it is “top o’ the mornin”” for me.  Its lunchtime and I’m taking a break from being productive around the house.  Duncan is at the groomer getting his hair lopped off (short.  SHORT! Because I don’t want to have to deal with the groomer for a few months).  I’m sure he’ll feel so much better than being so shaggy in this heat!

I got the rat cage cleaned out… had to wait for Ryan to be able to bring it downstairs and outside to give it a good scrub down.  It was stinky!  The new cage is too big for me to carry.

Ry and his dad are scoping out pressure washers.  Is it ridiculous or what that I’m super excited to get a pressure washer?  I have so many things I want to spray down and it seems like an effortless task… stand and spray.  First up is the house.  There are spots of moldy stuff on the front and it looks so skanky!  I also want to spray down the driveway, privacy fence (so I can stain it) and the treehouse/climber (so that can be stained too).

Porter has been so into playing t-ball/baseball and I’m feeling bad I didn’t get him signed up.  He really wanted to play coach pitch but I kind of felt like we should wait until maybe next year to do more sports stuff.  I feel like he always ends up dis-interested halfway through and when you’re paying $40-$60 a sport, it adds up.  Today, though, we taught Cooper how to fetch the baseballs and bring them back!  He’s a pro.  🙂  I sat behind Porter with a cup of treats, Porter got Coop’s attention and hit the ball and Cooper chased it like crazy.  He brought it back to me, dropped it beside me and got a treat.  I passed the ball off to Porter, he got Cooper’s attention and the process continued.  He caught on after about 3 rounds of this.  YAY!  Up until now Porter had to play with 3 baseballs so he could hit one and Cooper could run around with one in his mouth.  And Porter would have to chase down his balls.  We got smart… now Cooper brings em’ back!  He’s a good outfielder.  HAHA!

On the list today (since it is sunny and GORGEOUS out) is washing all the sheets and hanging them on the clothesline (saw our neighbors are in on this clothesline kick too… their sheets are out hanging as well!) and hopefully play around with the new pressure washer if they ever get back home!

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