Spring Fever

Holy heck. If you didn’t know it was only March I swear you’d think it was May. Folks, we have buds on our trees. My plants are growing like weeds and everything is getting…. GREEN! It was 80* today and is supposed to be in the upper 80’s Wednesday. I am LOVING it. I am so excited we are getting this warm spurt now, while baby is still cooking, so we have been able to get a head start on yard projects we have been itching to do.

This weekend I powerwashed. Oh did I powerwash! Ryan and I actually fought over who got to use the new powerwasher and I won since our to do list had so many other things on it that I couldn’t physically do right now. I managed to wash the house, the front sidewalk, all 30 panels I our privacy fence and the treehouse/swingset/climber. Oh and the basketball backboard. I am certain that if I had to have some kind of handyman job I would be a powerwasher. It is sooo fun!

While I sprayed everything that was standing in our yard, Ryan started pulling bushes out of the hedge along the driveway. He got halfway through them and then broke 3 tow straps on one bush. Boo. He also got our new mailbox up and I did let him use the powerwasher a little to reach the top of the swingset.

I’m telling you- this amazing weather is giving me spring cleaning fever an combined with my urge to nest right now, I’m a complete fool. I am going nuts wanting to purge and clean and organize! I’m hoping to stain the fence and treehouse/swingset this weekend!

The downside to this weather (and I hate to even talk badly about it because it is so amazing) is that I am swelling up like a sponge and I sweat like a pig. It is HOT for this preggo! I’ll take it, though, compared to the alternative.

The boys are enjoying the weather too. They have been outside from the time they get up to the time they have to get in the shower to go to bed. And they are sooo dirty! I don’t mind, but Hudson is driving me nuts with his dislike of getting wet. If just one little spot on his clothes gets wet he has to take them off. So he either runs around naked or changes clothes 5 times a day- which makes for a lot of laundry for me! Saturday I think he went through 3 pair of shorts and 2 shirts. Grr.

I’m getting so anxious about my due date. I have 6 weeks left. And if you factor in that I delivered the boys at 38 weeks, I could possibly only have 4 weeks left. These numbers are good, because…
1) I’m running out of clothes to wear
2) I’m super anxious to meet our daughter
3) I am so done being huge and pregnant.

However, I feel like there is SO much left to do before the baby is here!
1) I need to finish up this grad class (this is the last week so, that’ll be out of the way soon).

2) I still need to do all of 2011’s bookwork and get it to my accountant so e can file our taxes. This will take me HOURS I am certain. I dread this. However, we rely on our tax return to cover my lack of paycheck throughout the summer and since i don’t have maternity leave I will need $$ to cover my checks from May to June while I’m home with the baby. Gahhhh!

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