Living with a-holes

This has been a rough week parenting-wise. I’m not sure why, because it has been gorgeous, summer-like weather outside. Regardless, the boys have been doing their best to drive me nuts. I’ve referred to them as “the assholes” more than a couple times this week (NOT to their faces or even within earshot, OBVIOUSLY).

Porter is, well, doing his darnedest to be the most annoying kid on earth. God I love him but he sure knows how to be obnoxious. On Tuesday I picked him up from school. I knew it was going to be fabulous weather and by me picking him up it’d saw him an hour bus ride. Within 20 minutes of being home he was taunting Hudson by taking a truck from him as they were playing in the sandbox. I told him to give it back, and told him if he had to be spoken to again he would be done playing outside until his dad got home. Sure enough, 5 minutes later Hudson is screaming and I find out Porter had thrown sand at his back. Wtf. This shitty behavior is stuff he KNOWS better than to do. But he constantly is doing it! Why???? So, short and sweet I told him to come on up and he was done. I told him I would not be picking him up anymore this week (I usually pick him up on Fridays) because I wasn’t going to spend the extra hour dealing with his obnoxious behavior. I made him follow me around the house and yard and sit by me as I clipped coupons inside, did some yard work etc.

During this time I gave Hudson permission to use the gator again (they had lost privileges the precious weekend for being destructive with it.) Porter is usually the one thinking of ways to destroy and break things, so I figures Hudson could handle it. Nope. I had let Porter run outside to get something and within 5 minutes he had Hudson ramming the gator into the fence and yet again had ripped the fill off of it!!! So, the boys were sent to their rooms and we sent the gator home with Dave so he can store it. I’m so done with them not respecting their possessions!

Ryan got home and I gave him the rundown of “the assholes”, and then asked the boys to come out front so I could take a few pics of them. I walked outside and found toys an other misc items in the landscaping, and Hudson and Porter cracking up because they had thrown them out of Hudson’s bedroom window!!! Ryan was ticked and while they picked up the stuff in the yard he bagged up all their toys from their rooms and put them in the attic. They are no longer allowed to have toys in their rooms or they are confiscated.

Seriously. I’m just so over it. They are 3 and 6. Is it too much to ask them to be respectful of their things and to not do assholish things to each other all the time??

Today and yesterday Hudson was just plain grumpy and so not fun to deal with. Yesterday was my fault as I let him skip nap. Today, though, he was just angry and mouthy. At one point he was sent to his room to calm down and change his attitude. He was upstairs, quiet, for quite awhile. Around 7pm I was reorganizing Porters room while Ry and the boys cleaned the playroom. Ry sent Hudson upstairs and told me he needed to go to bed bc he refused to help clean and was being mouthy. I took him to his room to get ready for bed and found PEE on his floor by the window!!! WTF!! I made him clean it up and he went to bed.

Ughhhhh. I’m ready to run away from home.

  1. We all have bad days, weeks, months even!!!! The most important thing to do is to try to look forward. Take each day as a new day…….. you are exhausted! You cannot be expected to be at your most patient. Your kids are likely picking up on your weakness…. as much as we'd like to think and want them to be better people…. they won't be. They are kids. They can be assholes. It's true! Good luck girl…….

  2. Oh my god, my kids have been the SAME way. Especially the boy one. He is so destructive. I read something saying this time of the year and November are the hardest emotionally on kids because of the transition in the seasons. I keep telling myself it will be over soon but MAN. Even my even tempered husband has had it with them. They are just so bad. And they fight ALL THE TIME. Hang in there!

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