Drama in the ‘hood

Someones dog has been barking nonstop for the past few days.  As in “bark bark bark (3seconds) bark bark bark bark (3 seconds) repeat repeat”.  Today I drove around to track it down.  All the way across a swamp and one street over.  The dog was in a polebarn (never saw it, but heard it from their driveway).

I knocked on the door, in all my almost-9-month-pregnant-glory and said the following “Do you have a dog in your pole barn?  (yes) I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but he has been barking nonstop all day, and we’re trying to enjoy the beautiful weather with our windows open but can’t enjoy the day because of the constant barking.  My kids are trying to nap and can’t get to sleep because he has been barking so much.”  (I didn’t say this rudely, and yes… the last part was slightly exaggerated but COME ON!  The dog has been barking ALL DAY!”

The guy, who looked like a 90lb crackhead with overgrown facial hair, sunken eyes, a cigarette and a crackly, raspy, laryngitis-y voice, says “Yeah… he’s a hound dog.  Bobo! Bobo!  Be quiet!” (mind you he whisper-yells this from uhm… about 6 car lengths away from the barn).  I thank him and drive off.

A few minutes ago, he shows up in my front yard, tells Porter to go get his parents.  Says there’s a black and white dog in our backyard that his his.  Ryan goes outside and the guy, and his wife (both driving around) start yelling at him that we took his dog, and have it in his backyard and its a Blue Tick Coonhound.  Ryan says “No… that’s a German Wirehaired Pointer and he’s our dog.”  The guy and his wife start saying “Well its odd that your wife comes over and bitches about our dog barking and now he’s missing! Where’s your wife?”  Ryan tells them… “She’s pregnant… how the hell would she steal your dog?”   The wife screams “Well the LAW will bet gettin’ involved in this!”  HAHAHAHHAHA!~

OH MY.  So they keep driving by.  PSYCHOS!

  1. this fricken made my day. go buy a taser and the next time either of the crackheads show up, hit 'em with it. just because that would be fun to hear about. and did they ever think the dog just took off because it was sick of his pissbum owners? lol! wow.

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