On this glorious Sunday…

We skipped church today.   I got to bed late and was exhausted… the boys woke me up at 6am to come snuggle and continuously toss and turn and chit chat.  By 7:30 I sent them to the guest room to wake Ryan up.  Yes, Ryan is sleeping in the guest room.  His constant roaring snoring combined with my constant waking up to pee is not a good combo for this preggo.  We are sleeping separate.  It works.  Don’t judge.  Ry got up with the boys and I slept in until 11am.  Folks, I don’t remember the last time I slept in that late!  WOO it felt nice.

The boys in this house are over at Ry’s dad’s picking up some stuff to do yard work today.  The girls in this house (that’d be me and belly ninja) are getting ready to BS my way through this final case study on the last day of my grad class.  So happy its the last day but also a little stressed I have a lot of work to do.  Which is kind of my fault because last night we went to dinner and to see the Hunger Games with the Dawson’s and the Huffs.  Had a great time, got back late (that was a loooong, but good, movie!) and thus, slept in late.

And as I sit at the computer, the windows are open and the birds are chirping and the sun is shining and the last thing I want to be doing is working on some case study for an ESL student.  Ahh reminds me of this quote:

Pinned Image 

And, well, the pretty picture reminds me of the outdoors today.  Soooo beautiful.  Not hot weather, mid 60’s.  Perfect.  All this weather has made me want to just sit home and enjoy my family.  We skipped Awanas the past 2 Sundays because the boys were dirty from playing all day in the yard and the last thing I wanted to do was stop their fun in the yard, clean them up and ship them off to sit in church from 5-7.  I’m rethinking Awana, well… I love that we have a program so close but when I was a kid we went on Wednesday nights.  Perfect. This Sunday Awanas… kind of cramps my weekends.  We spend the morning at Westwinds (though on weekends I don’t work in the 3/4’s room at 11am we go to the early church), and then we have a few hours to spend in the yard, and then the boys have Awanas from 5-7.  Ick.

A few questions for you this Sunday:

  • Have you seen the Hunger Games?
  • Did you read the book first?  (I didn’t)
  • I liked the movie.  Did you? 
  • Did you think it was accurate to the book?
  • Did you feel dizzy throughout the beginning of the movie with the camera movement or was that just me?   We sat halfway back in the theater and I still felt like I was way too close.  Couldn’t focus.  Too much movement.  Especially in the beginning it seemed… though maybe I just got used to it and it didn’t seem too terrible toward the middle/end.
  • I totally thought Peeta’s name was “Peter” until the end when Katniss started yelling “Peeta!” in the woods… and I thought “Did she suddenly adopt an English accent?!”  HAHA!   (thank you jane!  LOL!)

  1. It made me dizzy too, glad it wasn't just me- ha! And since I was the one who informed you his name was PEETA her name is spelled KATNISS 🙂 Glad we got a night out!!

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