Becoming a Family of 5

To read Amelia’s birth story, visit the baby blog!

After Amelia was born, I had been without sleep since waking up Saturday morning.  I’d been without food for almost 24 awake hours.  I was starving!  I ordered dinner and then when we were moved to our mom/baby room the visitors poured in.  Ry’s dad, my dad and Della, Heather and the girls, Lori, Don and their girls and Katie all came to see Amelia.  I was so exhausted I was pretty much delirious throughout the few evening hours.  I couldn’t get out of bed as I was a “Fall Risk” because of my numb leg.  I just laid in bed, ate dinner, tried to hold a conversation with visitors and not fall asleep.

Ryan left around oh… 8-9pm (I really don’t remember… sometime around there?).  I had a nurse come in before he left so I could attempt to walk to the bathroom.  Success!  My leg was back to life!  After he left I fell asleep before 9:30.  Amelia was a great sleeper… she woke at 11:45 and then went right back to sleep until 4am or so, and then was up at 7am.  I felt like a new person the next morning!

There were so many nurses coming and going, and the pediatrician and anesthesiologist and Dr. P came to check on us.  I couldn’t keep track.  They had assumed I’d stay until Tuesday, but I was really feeling quite good and wanted to just get home and resume life.  I wanted to relax in my own bed, or on my own couch, and have my boys around me instead of being isolated at the hospital.

Dave stopped by in the morning and then LeeAnn came by not long after.  Ry and Hudson also came for a bit before he took him home for a nap.  Ry, Hudson and LeeAnn had lunch with me and then they all took off.  I rested a bit with Sis and was told if everything checked out at her 24 hour check at 2pm we could be discharged.

Ry picked Porter up from school early and came to get us from the hospital.  We were on our way home around 3pm!

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