The baby that rocked our world

This little girl…. oh my gosh she has just turned life upside down— in a GOOD way.  My heart feels like it could explode when I see my boys with her.  They are SO over the moon in love with her.  I’m so proud of how helpful and loving and doting they have been.  I thought it was so neat during my pregnancy to hear them talk about how excited they were to have a baby sister, but it is 10 times better actually seeing them with her, seeing their love and excitement for her.  It is such a different experience than when I was pregnant with Hudson, or when Hudson came home.  I love that the boys are close in age, but I LOVE the age difference between them and Amelia.  They are so much more aware of everything and so incredibly excited and involved in everything. 
Some of my favorite memories these first few days:
  • The first thing Porter does when he gets home from school is ask where Amelia is.  Then he runs to wash his hands and asks to hold her.  
  • The high-pitched voices the boys get when they talk to her.  They way they say, and repeat, “Hi Amelia!  Hi Amelia!  Hi!  Hi!  Hi Amelia!”
  • Hudson loves to snuggle up next to her and kiss on her.
  • Hudson loves her Diaper Champ, or “flipping trash” as he calls it.  He loves to throw away her diapers, and even runs random garbage upstairs to her bedroom to throw it away in the flipping trash can. 
  • Hudson tells me numerous times a day “I’m so happy we have a baby sis!”
  • Porter tries to tickle her
  • When Porter feeds her, he loves to dictate when she burps.  He’ll hand me the bottle and say, matter of factly, “Here mom, hold this. Will you help hold her up so I can burp her?”  And he does this 5 times or so during a measly 2oz feeding.  Its so cute. 

  1. i love this! although tucker didn't get a sister out of the deal, it was so fun to see him react with levi when we brought him home. since he was older, he tried to be such a good helper. even though eventually that wears off, i think those boys of yours are always going to be great protectors of their little sister. such an adorable little family you have.and that last shot of hudson changing the 'baby' kills me. love it.

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