Week 1: Life with Three

So far so good!  This week hasn’t been to crazy, and I’ve really felt great after this delivery.  (Warning… TMI for males coming up).  I dreaded the healing from delivery.  However, I only tore a little during delivery and aside from some uncomfortableness, my “bottom” isn’t too painful this time.

Yesterday my milk came in and ohhh that’s the 2nd thing I’d dreaded post-delivery.  I feel like Dolly Parton, except with lots of extra flab around the mid-section.  Gi-nor-mous.  I even contemplated nursing yesterday but recalled the “titty twister” feeling that both nursing and pumping brought on, as well as the headache that came along with my milk coming in (for all 3 pregnancies). I quickly remembered that I like my sanity a little more than the hassle of attempting to forge through nursing.  Ick.  So… I’m dosing up with Motrin (probably a little more than I should) and hoping the weekend goes by quickly and I can have halfway normal sized boobs soon!

Amelia has been such a content baby.  She reminds me a lot of Hudson as an infant.  Like him, she hasn’t cried but once or twice all week.  When she wakes to eat she just grunts and roots around.  She doesn’t mind her diaper being changed, or when I’m dressing her.  She has seemed a little spitty/reflux-y but nothing that makes her super irritable.  She seems to spit up more often than the boys ever did, and sometimes gags a little or stretches/crunches up like she has a bit of reflux, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering her too terribly.

I’m still adjusting to her name.  I know that sounds silly.  But even after she was born I wasn’t 100% set on her name but Ryan loved it.  Although, really the only other name I loved was Norah Lucille and he really didn’t like it at all (said it reminded him of “Norwegian”… “Norahwegian” UGH!) .  I had this vision that if she was blonde like Hudson she’d be Amelia and if she was dark like Porter she’d be Norah.  And, well, she’s dark featured. And I feel like she looks like a Norah…. and sometimes I feel like Amelia is a mouthful.  I keep wanting to shorten it to a nickname and that was one of the reasons I loved Norah- because it couldn’t really be shortened to any obvious nicknames.   The boys’ names aren’t nicknamey… though we call them Poe and Bess, but they’re not completely just shortened from their names.   Anyhow… I don’t know.  I’m sure it’ll grow on me, and I do love the name but just don’t feel like it fits her yet.

The boys are adjusting really well to her.  Porter had a rough few first days and I felt awful for him.  He had a meltdown the night I stayed in the hospital after Amelia was born.  My grandma said he was inconsolable and just beyond reasoning with.  And then Tuesday morning he woke up and wanted to feed Amelia and I told him he could when she woke up, thinking she’d be awake soon.  She ended up not waking up until it was time for him to leave for school so he was really upset about that.  And THEN I had told him I’d print a picture of her for him to take to school, and I’d forgotten.  I tried to print one quickly from my phone and when he brought the picture up from the printer it only printed the top inch of it.  We didn’t have time to figure it out and he was melting down because everything that morning was turning out wrong.  I know he felt like I’d lied to him, but that the root of it was he was just reacting to the changes and was so excited about Amelia and things weren’t happening the way I’d said they would.  I felt terrible, though there really was nothing I could do.  I did get a picture printed later and had Ry run it up to the school for him and he was so happy about that.

Hudson is handling everything really well.  He has been so fun to be with during the week and he’s just such a good helper and such a goofball!  I feel like I’m having conversations with him all day and he makes me laugh so much.  I’m so happy I’m getting what feels like “one-on-one” time with him right now.

As far as 3 kids… so far a piece of cake.  However, Porter is at school all day so really it is just Hudson, Amelia and I.  And let me say… this almost-4-year age difference sure is a walk in the park compared to the boys’ 2 year age difference!   Amelia has been sleeping in during the morning.  Today I was able to get the boys fed, get Porter off to school on the bus (he is pretty good at getting himself ready for the most part), and I got a shower and did my hair/makeup before she woke up.   I am dreading this fall, though, when I go back to work and have to get ready in the morning with 3 kids.  I do have a feeling Porter will be quite a big help for me though.

  1. Just read up on your recent posts. S delighted for you and your family. The boys looks so happy with AMelia and she is just too sweet. What a blessing!!7

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