Rough night does not have to equal rough day.

Last night was a rough night with Amelia.  The past couple days she’s had spurts of eating every 2 hours, and only taking 2oz at a time.  Grr.  Last night she slept for quite a bit in the evening and we all know what that means…. party like a rockstar all night long.  I fed her at 11ish, she was up again ohhh at 1, 3 and 6.  Or something like that.  I don’t remember specifically.  I pretty much sleepwalked through it all.

I ended up so deliriously tired this morning that in my sleep deprived state I made the decision to not take Porter to school.  What?!?   I woke at 8am, and realized the boys had been up watching tv downstairs for an hour or so and I needed to get the kids together to take Porter to school because the bus had already come by.  He was only… ohh… 25 minutes late for school.  Eeek.

Then I got back home at 8:45ish to feed Amelia, and tried to figure out how I’d fit in a shower, dressing both kids, feeding Miss Pokey Eater and getting us all to her pediatricians appt at 9:45am.  We did make it to the doctor’s appointment only 10 minutes late.

I’d planned to take Hudson to the park after her appointment so we could walk the 1.3 mile “track” around the park, and also feed the ducks this huge loaf of french bread Ryan had bought that went bad before we ate any.  Amelia still hadn’t eaten a full bottle and was ticked off so I thought Hudson could feed the ducks while I sat and fed her.  Only, it has rained the past few days and well, did you realize that the entire yard around the duck pond is covered in duck and goose shit?  Wet duck and goose shit, at that.  SICK.  And so I spent the entire time feeding Amelia and yelling at Hudson to watch where he was walking.  Ugh.  I felt my blood pressure rise.

And then I realized I needed to make a choice to either be grumpy today (which I’d been ALL morning, despite already taking my Zoloft), or to make it a good day.  I took a deep breath and attempted the latter.

After Amelia finished her bottle we got the tricycle out of the van for Hudson to ride and we walked the path around the park.  I was surprised he made it the whole 1.3 miles on his tricycle!  I tried to get him to bring his McQueen bike, but we had recently brought the tricycle out from storage in the apartment and since he’s been all about riding the tricycle.  I wasn’t going to argue.  He did great, though, even after flipping it face forward going too fast down a hill, he got up and got back on and kept going.

I’m hoping to continue walks at the park a few times a week.  I have that 5k to train for in July…. so I need to get myself some stamina!!

  1. Great attitude there little lady!!! Way to not let the world get you down!!!! Sounds like you are doing amazing with the new addition! Let me know if you're free any thursday or friday coming up and in need of some adult company…. luke and I are always looking for an outing! 🙂

  2. Oh I remember the days of knowing I was up 3-5 times in a night…but not really remembering any of it. You are handling it like a pro! Love your goal settings and the fact your training for a run in July is awesomely impressive 🙂

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