Hudson: 4 Years Old

Dear Hudson,
In the past few months you seem to have suddenly changed from a toddler to a kid and you just seem so grown up to me.  I tell you that you need to stop growing, that you’re getting too old and you tell me, “I can’t!  I don’t have a reverse button!”  Buddy, I sure wish you did.  You aren’t my little baby anymore!
You seem to be following in your smarty-pants brothers footsteps.  You are very interested in letters and words and spelling.  You know your ABC’s (have for a looong time) and can identify all the letters in the alphabet and know many of the sounds.  You are always asking me how to spell words, and whenever you see words written somewhere you like to read the letters, spelling it out.  There are quite a few words you’ve been able to sound out on your own, with a little help from me.  This makes me soo happy!  I’m so proud of you.  I hope that reading and spelling come as easy to you as it does your brother.
You’ve also been breaking apart words, giving them a very literal meaning.  Its quite funny.  When Amelia came home I was washing her bottles and pacifiers and you said “Pacifier… like we PASS it to people?”  And you tell me that Target is to “GET” toys, because it is Tar-“GET”.  Yesterday I overheard you saying to Porter “Do you know why brownies are brown?  Because they’re “BROWN”ies!”
Despite your over exuberance with words and spelling, you’re quite a lazy child.  I know this sounds mean but boy, you are lazy!  We recently told you the word “can’t” is a bad word because you say it ALL the time.  “I CAN’T get dressed!”  “I CAN’T put my shoes on!” “I CAN’T carry the huge truck back down to the basement even though I just carried it all the way up the stairs all by myself.”  “I CAN’T pick up the toys- it takes for a loooong time!”  You love to make messes but hate to clean up after yourself.  Ohhhhhh….. you’re going to have a rude awakening because lazy doesn’t fly around here.  Unfortunately that means you butt heads with us quite a bit and there ends up being an awful lot of whining (on your part) about having to do things you “CAN’T” do.  We still love you, though, you lazy little toad!

I love the way you are so snuggly and loving, Hudson.  You constantly surprise me by randomly calling my name and when I answer you simply say “I loooove you.”  It is so sweet and melts my heart.  You give me kisses all the time, and you LOVE to give Amelia hugs and to rub noses with her and kiss her head.  You’re so darn sweet!

You’re sweet, and also a crazy comedian!  You have quite the sense of humor and you love to make goofy faces to go along with it.  You also know how to push my buttons and you definitely get that from daddy… being sarcastic and picking on me just to be irritating though YOU think it’s funny.  There are so many times you know you’re being funny, and also so many times you’re hilarious but have no clue why you’re cracking us up.  You say a lot of funny things.  I love how you say “I was about to gonna fall off the couch!”  Everything is “about to gonna”.  You also say, when things seem like they’ll take forever (like cleaning the toy room) that “It takes for a long time!” That always cracks us up too.

You love the color red, and typically any shade close to that.  Much to daddy’s dismay, pink is pretty darn close to red.  While you are a total and complete boy, you do love some girly things and I don’t try to persuade you otherwise.  Daddy hates that I paint your toenails dark pink (because it is like red, you say) when you ask me to, and that you love your Strawberry Shortcake doll (because she has red hair).  The story behind Strawberry is kind of funny… we went to a resale shop (you love going to resale shops with me and that or Target is always your guess when I ask you where we will be going that day), and you picked out this Strawberry Shortcake doll and asked me to buy her.  Granted, there weren’t many toys at this store in particular, but it was funny that out of the toys there you picked out the doll.  And you had flip flops on with your pink toenails.  You were quite the sight at the park that day!  Your lamp recently broke and you keep asking me to buy you the “pink feathery lamp that is at Target.”

You love anything that is tiny, small, compact or in large quantity.  You tend to be a hoarder.  We often find your pockets filled with 5 or 6 Matchbox Cars.  How that is comfortable, I’ll never know.  You especially like to “hoard” tiny little items (even better if there are multiples!).  You love tiny little cars.  When we play Blokus you like to take the tiny one square piece and hold them throughout the game.  You make your Automoblox into the smallest car possible.   When we eat green beans you like to take the tiny “baby beans” out and hold them all in your hand. You call things “Adorable” as in “That’s so adorable!” and I think it is so adorable that you do that!

Hudson, you have also amazed me with the way you eased into the big brother role.  We always joked that you have always had the typical “middle child” attitude, and I feared that when Amelia arrived you would not be so accepting.  However, you’ve been nothing but a helpful, loving, doting big brother.  You tell me all the time “I”m so happy we have a baby!” and you love to kiss and hug on Amelia all day, whether she is awake or trying to nap.  I hope you are always so protective and loving with her!

I love you so much, Hudson!

Love,  Mama

Some of Hudson’s favorites:

  • Oma
  • Cars, especially Mater!
  • Riding the tricycle, even though you have a bike
  • Automoblox
  • Your favorites:
    • Animal:       
    • Color:  Red!
    • Movie:  Cars 2
    • Person:   Strawberry (Strawberry Shortcake)
    • Song:  Rock A Bye Baby
    • Food:  Peanut Butter and Jelly
    • Drink:  Orange Juice
    • Number: 166





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