Hudson Turns "4" | **another** McQueen Birthday!

Big surprise…. third year in a row that Hudson has chosen his birthday theme to be McQueen.   I was all McQueened out of cake ideas so we went the easy route…. Sam’s Club!  Hudson was so so excited to pick out a mini cake and cupcakes (he got to choose between that, all cupcakes, or a sheet cake).   Cheesy store bought cake, yes.   But he was so thrilled with it!
We had a small family party for him and he was so excited over all his presents…. a skateboard, automoblox, a cars playset, squirt guns and….. a Powerwheels Lightning McQueen!   I knew this car wouldn’t last him long as it was only a 1-seater and he was 4…. let’s face it, these things pretty much top out at 5 years old.   However, we got a great deal on it at Toys R Us and I just knew he’d love it.  He did!
As usual, Hudson was bashful when we sang Happy Birthday to him.  No tears this year, though.   I just love this little nugget!









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