Happy #6 Porter Evan!

Dear Porter Evan,

This past year you’ve hit many little (and big!) milestones…
You learned to read and write!
You started kindergarten!
You rode the bus to school for the first time.
You learned how to blow a bubble with bubblegum.
You lost 2 teeth!
You learned how to whistle and snap your fingers.

Every new milestone you reach is also a first milestone for me as well.  You’re my first baby to pass through these milestones and it is so exciting!   This also means you’re our guinea pig, in a sense.  You’re our trial run and I only hope that we don’t screw things up too badly.

You really love school, and this makes me SO SO proud, Porter.  You’ve become an amazing reader- you recently read a level 2.5 book to us the other night.  That is so so awesome.  I love to talk to you about your day, and you always tell me great details about your day.  I love hearing about who you played with at recess, what you did in computers, what activities you did in stations, how your lunch was and what happened on the bus ride home.  I hope you always share these details with me.

One of my favorite things about this past year is watching your excitement about becoming a big brother again.  You were so little when Hudson was born that you really didn’t understand what was going to change.  This time around you are so excited about your baby sister joining our family.  I know you’re going to be amazing with her.

You are still Mr. Independent and love to take charge and do things on your own.  You also tend to think you’re one of “the Bosses” at home.  You are super helpful and I can always count on you to help me with things, to be involved around the house and to help your little brother out.  You are quick to volunteer when Daddy or I need help.

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