This week in bullets…

  • The one downside of being a “sahm” is I have no motivation to shower.  None.  I have been going like 3 days without showering (only if I don’t leave the house on Day 3… grosssss!).  Isn’t that disgusting?!
  • Amelia was so fussy today.  She must be going through a growth spurt or something (NO!  STOP!) as this morning she’d eat an ounce or two and then want to eat again an hour later.  She’d take a quick nap and then want to be held.  She did that most of the morning and then wanted to be held all afternoon, fighting sleep.  Made for a very unproductive day. 
  • I took a few pictures of H and A today.  Well, mainly Amelia but I got this darling one of the two of them.  Hudson just adores her.  Its so cute to watch him with her, however there are so many times I have to tell him to stop messing with her when she is sleeping or trying to eat.  

  • Hudson had some money to spend from his birthday as well as a $10 gift certificate from Toy House (how awesome are they to send a $10 gift certif for kids’ b-days?!).  We went to Toy House on Tuesday for him to spend his money.  He chose an Automoblox (he’s sooo into these right now!) and a red Dodge Viper, a red quad and a red Hot Wheels car.  Doesn’t he look so happy with his purchases?

  • The other night I was up feeding Amelia and went to the bathroom.  I glanced into Porter’s room and saw this heart-bursting sight.  Soooooo precious!  Camping out on the floor with his big ol’ dog.  

  • I signed up for Weight Watchers yesterday.  Its time.  I still have 40lbs to lose (SICK SICK SICK) and just need to buckle down and get to business.  3 weeks from this Saturday we will be going on vacation and sadly I’ll have nothing to wear.  I feel so disgusting… I don’t feel “cute” or “stylish” anymore… I live in sweats and t-shirts (not even cute t-shirts).  None of my normal shirts fit.  I hate this limbo stage, though I can’t blame anyone but myself for gaining the weight.  I started A’s pregnancy 12lbs heavier than normal so in order to be at the same weight gain as the boys’ pregnancies I should have only gained 28lbs.  I gained 52.  So… I’m down 24lbs since delivering but still need to lose 40 (adding in that additional 12).  GAH.  Why can’t I press a button and it would just disappear?
  • Have you seen the cute wooden Disney Cars that Toys R Us has?  Hudson has Sally, Mater and McQueen, as well as Mater’s Tow Yard.  These wooden cars work with the wooden train tracks (Thomas, Brio etc) and are so cute!  Hudson got a package in the mail yesterday and it was a birthday present from Aunt Lori, Uncle Don and the girls.  It was the wooden Mack for his set.  He was SO excited!
    • Our mornings have been a little rough since Amelia.  I’m exhausted and its all I can do to drag myself out of bed to take Porter up to school.  Yes, I’m crazy and pack up all 3 kids to drop Porter off at school but the bus ride is an hour (as opposed to driving 2 miles down the road to drop him off) and I hate for him to have two long bus rides in a day.   Luckily, Porter is SO helpful in the morning.  This morning he all but drove himself to school HAHA!  He had dressed himself (in jeans, a polo tucked in and a TIE… hilarious!), packed his own lunch, and had his shoes on and ready to go.  I love that kid.  

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