School’s out for summer!!

It is hard to believe that Porter is now officially a 1st grader.  This is insane to me.  I say this about every milestone he passes, but this really blows my mind.  He’s the same age as my students.  I wish I could slow time a little.   
I managed to get up early (for me… 7:30) as I’d asked Porter the night before to make sure he wakes me up before he goes downstairs to watch tv.  Sad, I know… I’m relying on my 6 year old to wake me up.  In my defense… I have 2 alarms on my phone that go off each morning, and somehow I end up turning them off in my sleep. I wake up around 8am and have no recollection of ever hearing my alarm or turning it off.  Grr.  That is so frustrating.  Oh back to the last day of school….  I threw on some clothes and some eye makeup (so I didn’t scare anyone at school!), threw the teacher/aide/bus driver gifts into gift bags, got my camera and all 3 kids out the door EARLY!   The night before I had made Porter a blank book to collect phone numbers from his friends.  I also printed out little cards that say “Let’s get together this summer!” with his name and phone number on them. He is always wanting to have playdates but he doesn’t know anyone’s phone numbers!  
Porter’s kindergarten year has been amazing, with much much much thanks going to his amazing teacher, Mrs. McCave.  She has been so perfect for him.  I couldn’t have asked for a teacher with a better personality fit for him.  She is kind, but firm.  She jokes sarcastically, yet is sensitive.  She is organized and consistent and creative.  She has pushed him academically and has made his first official year of school such a positive experience.  I can only hope his teachers in the future have so many of these amazing qualities.  I’m so sad to say goodbye to this school year, but so excited to watch Porter continue to grow and learn!

  1. wow. first grade seems SO big. 🙂 and i do the same exact thing with my alarm. i can shut it off for an hour and not remember a single thing. my husband thinks i'm insane… i'm glad someone else is the same way. 🙂

  2. okay, HOW did these boys grow so fast? i feel like there was a switch flipped at the end of the school year and they all of a sudden seem SO much older. love those two shots – porter seems like he is so much more grown up in the second one. crazy.

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