My Pick Monday

Oooh I’ve never partcipated in this, but my friend Jessica does nearly every week.  And today I just happened to be thinking of how much I love the following two products and wanted to share them on my blog.  And it happened to be Monday… so why not join in?!

The first product I am loving today is my Griffin Reveal case for iPhone 4.  I bought this awhile back and have used it with different scrapbook papers to mix up and decorate my case.  I’ve also drooled over the photo iPhone cases you can buy (for what… $45?!?) online and, who knows why it took me so long, I finally realized I could get the same look with my Griffin Reveal!  So, I looked up the dimensions of the iPhone 4, cropped some photos, enlarged the canvas in Photoshop to a 4×6 and had them printed.  Cut out the pic, rounded the edges and cut out the hole for the camera.  Voila!  Instant adorableness on my phone!

The next product I love is this book “series” by Patricia Hubbell.  The boys and I found these book last summer at the library and fell in love.  So much that I got online and ordered every book she had in this collection from Amazon!  The pictures in these books are so neat (very… collagey and fun to look around and find interesting/funny things in them) and the wording rhymes (which is always a plus in my book… no pun intended), AND they’re not super long reads.  We love them.

  1. Love it!! I think I need a “My Pick Monday” button or something. 🙂 I've been looking at getting a clear case to put Thirty-One fabrics in. Thanks for the rec!

  2. oh my gosh, i LOVE this and why did i never think of it? i have an instagram case that i love but obviously the pictures are getting outdated. i'm totally buying one now!

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