Da Yoopers!

Our week long extended family vacay this year is in the UP- Hessel, MI to be exact.  Our original plan was to head to Holden Beach but since this week is “prime time” the rental rates were astronomical.  instead, we found a 5 bed/3 bath home on Lake Huron and it has its own private volley ball court, stream, fire pit, awesome deck and hammock.  It isn’t the ocean, but its pretty darn nice. 
The kids did great on the 5ish hour trip north.  My mom and I rode in the van with Hudson and Amelia. Ryan and his dad drove Dave’s truck with Porter.  WE had recently purchased walkie talkies (thanks Jackson For Sale Group on FB!) and spent a lot of the ride up bantering back and forth, picking on each other.  It was pretty fun.  Some of my favorites:
Dave and Ryan telling us we’d soon be passing a truck with a brown sectional on the back.  They said they’d told them that a lady would be passing soon and want to buy it.  But only if they take it to Brighton first. 
We decided not to eat at the Greyling exit, and to go a little further north to Gaylord because i wanted Arby’s.  My mom said it was a larger town and would have better food choices.  We get back on the highway and Ry messaged back “Oh I just remembered…. Gaylord is smaller than Greyling.  My mom shoots back “No its not.  I know so.”
We passed a garage sale sign and my mom messaged over “Nic wants to stop at the garage sale!”  No reply.  “Were stopping at the garage sale.  THey have a tan sectional. We’ll catch up with you later!”
Dave’s bike is on the back of the trailer they are towing.  My mom messages over “I didn’t know Dave could ride a unicycle!”  The guys are confused.  My mom tells them “Dave has a unicycle on the back of the trailer!”  Ry catches on and retorts “He’s just THAT good.”
Ry messages over “We’re switching kids when we stop for lunch.  Porter’s driving us nuts.”  We tell them ‘Oh good… Hudson has been sleeping ALL morning… he just woke up and is his normal after nap cranky.” (such a lie).  Then we tell them that Hudson is throwing toys and hit us in the back of the head.  We even got Hudson in on the joking and banter.   
Fun times!!
We were pleasantly surprised at the rental house.  VERY spacious and the decor has so much character.  Very cabin-y, but lots of antique, rustic, primitive items throughout.  The headboards of all the beds are so unique- one is a wrought iron fence, one is a wrought iron gate door, one is some kind of metal garden trellis and another is water skiis.  

I’m looking forward to a week of relaxation!

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