The happiest 5k on the planet!

Awhile back I saw an advertisement for The Color Run online.  It looked SOOO fun!  I was pregnant at the time, but knew I wanted to participate after I had Amelia.  Just before I had Amelia I noticed they opened up a run in Ann Arbor so Jane and I hopped on board and signed up.  I was so excited for this race!

Well… actually it isn’t a race at all.  It really is a “happy 5k”… walk, run, skip… whatever… just get colorful, exercise and have fun!   
My initial goal was to run this 5k in under 30 minutes.  I knew if I trained I’d be able to do it.  However…. I failed to train.  I literally went to the run only having ran 2 or 3 times since having Amelia.  Luckily, there wasn’t a stopwatch or any deadline so Jane and I were able to take our time and just have fun. 

While the run was a lot of fun, and there were different “color stations” every kilometer, the real color came afterwards.  It reminded me of Woodstock or something… there was a huuuge color “mosh pit” near the stage where a dj was playing and everyone was throwing their color packets around, doing a conga line etc.  SO much fun.  We sang and laughed and just took in the sight of all these colored runners around us.  Then we headed home, stopping in Chelsea for lunch (boy did we get some looks!).  I can’t wait until they come back to MI… I will definitely be running again!

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