Living with "naughties": aka "Only at the Barczaks’ House"

Hudson and Cooper… oh these two keep us on our toes.  It used to be Porter.. but he’s kind of outgrown most of that naughtiness.

Let’s start with Hudson.  In the past 2 weeks:

  • He clogged the bathroom sink with random junk
  • He got a shish-kebob skewer jammed in the toilet
  • He scooped powdered formula into his humidifier… which upon cleaning I found a marble, a matchbox car, a pencil shaving, a shell and a rubber Automoblox tire in it.
  • Drove my grandma’s car into a telephone pole.  Oh yes.  Only at the Barczaks’ house….Last Monday my grandma came over to watch the boys while Amelia and I had lunch with Jane.  She brought Aubri with her.  While I was gone, she let the kids wash her car.  I told her to go ahead and park it in the front yard under the tree so it was in the shade.  When I got home, we chatted out front for a bit and then my grandma and I took Amelia inside.  Not long after we hear Aubri and Porter screaming.  We both run to the front door and as I make my way outside I see my grandmas car rolling towards our driveway from the neighbors yard!!!

    I run to the car as it rolls to a stop and it crosses my mind that if he has the car on and hits the gas I might be chasing a moving car driven by a 4 year old.  I hop in and put the car in park… turns out he somehow got it into neutral and it rolled down our driveway, turned toward our neighbors yard and bounced off their telephone pole!

    After we realized everyone was okay, nothing was seriously damaged in the fiasco, my grandma and I start busting up laughing.  Then Hudson says to us in this pitiful little voice “And I even went potty in my paaaaants!”   We start laughing even harder, which makes Hudson burst into tears- the “ugly cry”… scrunched up face, lip sticking out, mortified.  I check his pants and sure enough… he shit his pants!

    What a day.  What a day.

And Cooper.  He’s the King of Naughty.  Lately:
  • We’ve been losing pacifiers left and right.  Finally found the culprit:  Cooper is EATING them.  Like, swallowing them (at least I watched him swallow one).
  • He climbs the 3.5′ baby gate.  The gate stays in place… he shimmies up and over.
  • He randomly brings us dirty diapers from the garbage.  Luckily if we’re around he won’t eat them, he just brings them to us.  But he has been known to tear them up.
  • He escaped from the mudroom while we were swimming at my grandmas.  We came home to a living room full of the bedding for the rats (he tore apart the entire bag!), a shredded shopping bag that had baby clothes in it, and shredded diapers.  Oh… and he got into a basket and pulled out a package of NEW pacifiers, ripped open the package and ate the nipple off both pacifiers.  What is wrong with him?!?!

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