Amelia Jane | 4 months

Say it isn’t so!  Last night at midnight my phone alarm popped up and said “Take Amelia’s 4 month picture”.  Shut the front door.

  • Amelia is just a little ray of sunshine in our sometimes-more-than-I-can-take-crazy-town-house.  These boys… ohhh these boys.  Gotta love ’em!  Amelia makes everyone smile and can soften even the grumpiest brother in a bad mood.  
  • She began sleeping through the night around the beginning of August (so, 3.5 months old).  And by sleeping through the night I mean the real deal…. 8pm-6am or so.  Woot Woot!!  She occasionally wakes up around 1 but will fall back asleep if I plug her paci back in.  
  • She has been sleeping in her bed more often than not.  We usually lay her down between 8 and 9 and IF she happens to wake up in the middle of the night I sometimes bring her to bed to snuggle.  And usually when she wakes around 6-7am Ry will bring her into bed with me while he gets ready for work.  
  • She is such a wiggly baby.  I call her Miss Kicky Pants because she kicks her feet like a mad woman when I change her diaper.  Big grins and thudding kicks of her legs.  She’s a riot!
  • She smiles ALL the time.  She is such a daddy’s girl already.  When he gets home from work she grins sooo big at him!  I’m pretty sure she gives him her biggest smiles.
  • When she smiles she does it with her whole body… go big or go home.  Her grin seems to make her scrunch her shoulders and turn her head and wiggle her body.  It is adorable. 
  • Amelia is quite the simple baby- she doesn’t ask for much and doesn’t fuss that often.  When she does fuss she typically needs her diaper changed, she’s hungry, tired or sick of sitting and wants to be held/interacted with. 
  • Just in the past week she has begun rolling from back to front. She’s been doing this in her crib when she wakes up. 
  • She loves to grab at jewelry and hair.  She tries to get things into her mouth but isn’t that coordinated yet. 
  • She is a talker. OH is she a talker!  My word she will babble on for half an hour with squeals and grunts and screeches.  She is LOUD.  Its like having a baby monkey in the house.  Luckily, with two boys we’re used to loud, so she fits in quite well. 
  • She is wearing 3-6 month clothes and some 6-9 month (Carter’s usually).  She wears size 2 diapers.  She’s finally eating more each feeding… between 4 and 6 ounces.  

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