Whacked Out Wednesday

Ugh. I started writing this post LAST Wednesday… and still haven’t finished up.  What is my problem lately with blogging?

  • The delivery people (mailman, FedEx, UPS) have got to be pretty used to seeing my van sitting in the driveway with the doors wide open.  They’re always looking crazy-town.  Last week the Consumers guy came to let me know they’d be coming to trim a tree that touched the telephone wire.  As he rattled off the list of a few things he needed to let me know he quickly added in “And your van door is wide open”  Nice.
  • Speaking of my van.  My Soccer-Mom-Mobile.  When I got my “new” (aka new to me) van I made a fleeting vow that I’d keep it clean and picked up and looking nice.  Well it wasn’t but a couple months and Porter had keyed up the side with his bike and I’d managed to hit Ryan’s truck in the driveway, denting in the door and side panel.  The inside?  Well, let’s just say you can barely see the floor.  I’m a hopeless cause.
  • My hair is finally long.  Well, ideally I’d like it longer but it is officially at the length I usually get to and then whack it all off again.  It takes forever to dry/style.  It’s harder to manage.  Short hair is just…so… EASY.  I’d really love to chop it short like contemplating cutting hair like it was 3 years ago…. Short hair just always feels “done”, kwim?   It seems like now I am always just throwing my hair in a ponytail.  EWW. 
  • We have had a huge milestone in this house…. Porter can now tie his own shoes! WOOO HOO! We were never a velcro shoe family, so you can imagine how annoying laces have been after 6 years.  (Luckily, we did have a few pair of slip on converse etc.. that worked nicely).  In typical Porter fashion he pretty much taught himself.  We have tried numerous times to teach him and it always ended with him pissed off and frustrated.  All of a sudden he was able to tie his shoes the other day.  Crazy kid.
  • Back to school shopping is no joke…. I went to Target tonight after a girls night out/dinner with some girlfriends.  I figured since I was sans kids I’d browse my mecca.   I had Ryan text me a pic of P’s school list and after I picked up the “necessities” and then most of what was on the “please donate if you can” I walked out spending $75!  EEEK.  However, the amount of money teachers end up forking out of their own pockets is ridiculous so I always like to send in lots of goodies (and to make up for the parents who don’t send things in at all… there are ALWAYS a handful of them every year).

    So… if you have kiddos in school… be kind, send in some helpful items for the classroom and continue to send a few things in randomly throughout the year.  What did I pick up today?  Kleenex (3 boxes), clorox wipes (4 containers), extra glue sticks (I think I actually bought about 15 glue sticks), pencils (I think I bought Porter like 60 pencils because trust me… 1st graders LOSE PENCILS LIKE NOTHING ELSE), forks and spoons and paper plates for the class, paper towels, sanitizing spray, hand sanitizer, crayons, etc.  I threw in a few treats for the teacher too (including an air freshener and some candy yum yum!).  

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