Glutton for punishment

Hudson and Amelia had well-baby checkups today (Hudson’s 4yr and Amelia’s 4mo).  I scheduled their appointments back to back so I could get them done in one fell swoop.  I decided to just take Porter along as well- why not, there are already 2 going, right?

Of course we were called right back and the second we entered teh 8×8 room my kids started acting like monkeys.  Porter was mouthy, Hudson was climbing all over.  Luckily, there wasn’t a whole lot of time spent waiting, thank goodness.

I knew H and A were due for shots.  I knew Hudson would be pissed.  Amelia is too young to know what is coming so she wasn’t an issue.  Then the doctor said they had flu shots available and asked if I’d like to do those as well.  Why not!!

Before the nurse even came back in, Porter was screaming and crying and kicking his legs and yelling he didn’t want to get poked.   We almost had to call in reinforcements as I could barely hold onto him for her to poke him.  I covered his eyes and he didn’t even know she gave him the shot.

Hudson, poor guy, got 4 pokes.  Amelia got 2.  Then we were done, got some stickers and in the car I told the boys how brave they were and gave them each a dollar HAHA!

So, I survived the doctor’s trip with all 3 kids.  Somehow I always end up taking them all to the doctor… not fun.  Ugh.

We went to Lansing to pick my mom up from the airport and then headed to Gap and Children’s Place to let the boys pick out a few things for back to school.  It wasn’t as “fun” as I’d envisioned back to school shopping… although in hindsight I should have taken each of the kiddos on their own for a special date.  Oh well.  Maybe later in the year we will do that.

By the time we got home Hudson’s leg was really sore.  He barely wanted to walk on it and wouldn’t lift it to walk up the one step to our house.  I felt terrible for him as he really was in a lot of pain- crying and really upset, refusing to walk or touch his leg.  He spent most of the afternoon on the couch watching a movie. 😦    The actual giving of the shot- I can totally take that.  It’s a quick poke and sure it may be stingy for a minute or two but after that it’s all done.  But this lingering pain, this bad, makes me feel awful for the little guy.  I don’t think Porter ever had a shot that made him this sore, or either of the boys ever had shots that bothered them this much.  I hope that tomorrow Hudson wakes up and feels better!

I’m pretty much in denial that school starts on Tuesday.  It makes me so sad!  I feel like summer went by waaay too fast.  And I feel like we really didn’t do much this summer.  😦  Can I have a do-over?  I feel like I’ve been short on patience all summer and I have definitely not been the type of mom I really need to be.  The type of mom the boys deserve.  I need to work harder on that.  I hope that once they both are in school I’ll have a little more time to get work/photography things done and not have to stay up so late… hence the grumpiness.  I just feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day.  I burn the candle from both ends and well, in the end everyone gets burned because of it.  *sigh*  Speaking of… I really need to be getting to bed!  I spent the evening purging and organizing.  My house is driving me crazy.  I’m determined to get rid of things and declutter before I lose my mind.

Good night!

  1. i'm impressed that you brought all three to the doctor yourself. especially for shots! sometimes i make tom come along if i know there are going to be shots, even if it's just ONE kid. ugh, the waiting in the tiny rooms that are always ROASTING hot… yuck. not fun.also, i think you are allowed to be a little short on patience this summer and not do a million things with the boys… you have a NEW BABY. and judging from your blog/facebook you still do MANY things with them. you shouldn't be hard on yourself. 🙂

  2. You are ONE.BRAVE.MOMMY! I am bowing down before you! 🙂 I agree with Kim below, don't be too hard on yourself!

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