Hudson | First Day of Preschool

My baaaby is in pre-school!  Yes, I realize I have an actual baby at home but Hudson, my Bessie Boo… he is my baby boy… I’m not sure how he got this old.  And this handsome!
I was so so so nervous for him to start an actual “preschool”.  Much more nervous than when Porter went to preschool.  Porter- he’s an outgoing, pretty go with the flow kid, a people pleaser if you will.  I didn’t worry about him in pre-school.  I knew he’d go and he’d rock at it.  Hudson, on the other hand, is very slow to warm up to people.  He’s more of an introvert.  He’s stubborn.  He is hard to convince to do things and the boy is just darn lazy!  He is also very sensitive and I worry that if he does not feel loved and fully welcome and wanted in class that he will shut down and refuse to participate.  I was, and am, afraid for him to get a teacher that won’t take the time to chip away at the wall he puts up for new people and to really get to know and love my little comedian.  I worry that his stubbornness will be a turn off.  That he’ll fall to the back of the class (not necessarily academically, but socially) and never come out of his shell if he does not form a relationship with his teacher.  I know I feel this way because I’ve been in the classroom and I know how easy it is for teachers, myself included, to not feel a connection to students.  I know how important it is to make sure every student does feel special and welcome and part of the “class family”.  I just pray he gets that in this preschool year.  
Ok, so enough of my worries.   This little guy is typically very clingy to me.  All last year at Awanas he cried when I dropped him off and refused to participate in any singing, games etc during Awanas.  Despite being in daycare from the time he was 1, he still had anxiety with being left by me.  However, Tuesday morning he was raring to go.  His excitement for preschool was adorable- he wanted to get dressed and get out the door asap.  It was only 9am and his school didn’t start until noon.  He picked out an outfit (red shirt to match his new red shoes… his “fravorite color”) and he wanted his hair spikey!  This boy has the finest, straightest hair.  And it was long.  I spiked it into a faux-hawk and it was SO SO long so I took the scissors to the top until it looked decent.  Might not look so hot once the gel is out and its laying flat again, but he sure looks cute with it styled!

I am loving dressing him for school.  He still can be influenced by my opinions on clothes, whereas Porter has his own ideas.  Hudson will wear “handsome shirts” aka shirts with collars, and Porter refuses.   Hudson likes to dress more preppy, and Porter likes to dress more… rocker-ish.  So, this school year will be fun dressing Hudson up.  

We had a quick muffin-tin lunch and at 11:30 he was practically dragging me out the door.  We got to his school about 15 minutes early but he was confident and so excited.  We walked in and he found his locker, and we signed in and answered the question of the day.  When it was time to go into class he walked in without hesitation.  He gave me a kiss and went to sit on the carpet.  I walked out and thought “Oh my did that just happen, really?!?”  He was such a brave boy and I was so so so proud of him!
When I picked him back up I learned that he did cry for a few minutes when he realized I was gone, but quickly got wrapped up in watching another boy cry and he stopped.  I hope this is the start of a good school year!

  1. oh my gosh! he is so grown up. wow. what a cutie! i love his outfit (and the shoes – where did you get them?)! way to go hudson!

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