Freakin’ Friday

  • I switched my website domain to a new host.  Unbeknownst to me, my website did not transfer.   It is g-o-n-e.    
  • The boys couldn’t resist the candle jar on the candle warmer.  Makes a nice paraffin dip for matchbox cars.
  • The family room in the basement is filled with laundry.  Clean laundry.  I think I need to find a teenager to come fold for a few bucks an hour. 
  • While I dealt with downed business email/website… Hudson ran around with soap in his hair feeding the baby cookies. 
  • I want to take a shower.  But that takes up an hour of my day (to dry/do hair/makeup).  Why do we have to shower? 
  • Dishes: Never ending.   Laundry:  Never ending.  House:  Cluttered.   Me:  Going nuts.
  • It is gorgeous outside today.  And we should be outside playing. But no, I’m on a mission to fix my web design stuff.  UGH. 
  • It is only 10:30am.   How is it only 10:30am?
  • Working from home is more of a challenge than I though.   I’m thankful that so far it is working for us…. we’re doing it.  *I’m* doing it.   Ends are meeting (albeit, barely sometimes but they are meeting!).  I pray that things only go onward and upward from here!
  • My evenings are a clutter of wanting to work on new logo/branding for NBP, finish editing client images, work on my own personal pictures to order for scrapbooking, blogging, and damn Facebook.   Damn Facebook always hooks me in.   

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