iPhone Dump

Cuteness overload.   Love. This. Girl.  

Ella loves her too.  Yes, we have a cat!  Can you believe it?   We finally are attempting to let Ella back upstairs (her home has been the laundry room for the past… uh… year?? ever since she peed on the guest bed in teh basement).  She loves Amelia.  Amelia loooves to grab her. (I imagine her saying in her head “SHE’S SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE!” cue Despicable Me)

Dude needs a haircut.  But… he really wants to grow it out, so I’m letting him. Ry isn’t happy but I think he should have a say in how he wants to look.  Let him be who he is, right?  So what if it means shaggy baggy hair.

Uhm, Dunc Doodle…. you’ve got a leaf tag-along.

This was going on this week… crazy kids.  Amelia thought it was pretty fun.   A little circus in our back yard.  All ours.  Jealous, aren’t you? 

Gawwwwd I love this kid.  She is so cute.  Teeny tiny thing still wearing 3-6mo Old Navy jams that typically run so tiny small.

Someone feels entitled today….. Hmm….

This moose….err… pony….errr…dog cracks me up.  

Monday Porter came home from school and asked me to pull his tooth out.  EEWWW.  I did it, though.  Out with the tooth!  That’d be #4!

And while Porter is LOSING teeth, Amelia is getting them in.  She has her first tooth on the bottom!

Tell me this isn’t funny?  I found it on Instagram under #Goldendoodles.  No, this is not Duncan.  Though I wish it was.  It is hilarious!

Look who is starting to crawl!  She has found her knees.  Now to figure out the coordination!

Last week I went upstairs after Porter left for school and saw this in the hallway on the dresser.  Totally stopped me in my tracks.  Makes my heart hurt for him.  

I got a text from Aubri last week…. cracked me up… “What are you doing girl”  HAHA!   SHe and I have been texting back and forth…. I send her pictures of Amelia and the boys, and we tell each other good morning and good night.  SO sweet.  LOVE IT.

Porter’s Christmas List:

Nerf gun
Real Dirt Bike
I want a real shotgun
18 inch bike- green “rules” (ironically he found a bike that says something about “No Rules” Oh boy…)

Ipod Green Case
Skylanders Giants and small Wii game
Skateboard ramp
Xbox Halo 4 Game (WTF?)
Xbox for home
Tv for home in my room

Porter 2012
(sadly, the poor boy is going to be very disappointed this year…)

(I love that he dates it, too!)

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