take it all in

We pulled out the Christmas decorations tonight.  Put Pandora on Christmas music and began digging through boxes.

What a lucky life I have, I thought.   My husband and I working together to string the lights on the tree. The music dancing through the air.  The 4 of us randomly singing loudly and off key.

Take it all in.

The boys discovering their ornaments, again, as if with new eyes.  “I remember this!”  I can hear a twinge in Porter’s voice as he sounds so sentimental, almost choked up.  Hudson, his eyes squinty, his hands clasped beneath his chin, grinning when I fill up the snow globe ornament with water.  Pure joy in such simple things.

Take it all in.

Amelia, crawling around in her diaper amidst the Christmas explosion, fitting in with our family like the perfect puzzle piece.  The boys chasing each other in and out of the boxes with airplane ornaments, making whizzing, zooming and shooting noises.  Me, scolding Ryan and reminding him to take a deep breath, let the kids be kids.  Let them be little.

Take it all in.

The irony of “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” playing as I hold a half naked baby on one hip, steady a fallen Christmas tree with the other hand, while Ryan attempts to secure it yet again while lying amidst broken ornaments and spilled water.  The boys upset over the loss of our recent Mackinaw ornament.  Ryan huffing and puffing, while I can do nothing but laugh as the baby giggles and flings herself around… the tree falling on two of our kids is so our luck.

Take it all in.

Despite the chaos.  The loudness.  The laughter. The drama.  The irritation   The bad luck.  The love.  The bickering.  This is our life.  Our family.  These are the moments its all about.

Take it all in.



  1. Great post! If only we had more of those moments every day when we can see our life so clearly. But how lucky for those moments when we do. 🙂

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