These days do not belong to me.

I’m trying to pick myself up out of the wallow of woe is me… woe is my day, unproductive and not going the way I wanted.   I carefully planned Amelia’s nap today in attempt to shorten her morning nap (wake her up at 10:30) and hope she’ll lengthen her afternoon nap (and thus go down earlier so I don’t have to wake her up to pick Porter up from school).

I began my afternoon battle around 12:45.  Amelia had a bottle and I put her in bed.  I listened to her ramble and babble and laugh and play in her crib for a good 20 minutes.  I read Hudson a book and tucked him in- he only is requred to rest for an hour.

Amelia finally passed out and then I spent 45 minutes trying to get Hudson to stay in bed, go back upstairs, lay and read books… until I finally snapped and threatened the belt, smacking it on the side of his bed.  As he is finally staying in bed, I hear Amelia stirring in her crib.  Perfect.  the 45 minutes she DID nap today was wasted bargaining with a 4 year old.

I must keep reminding myself that these days are theirs, they don’t belong to me.  I’m here to be their mom, to spend time with them and their needs, wants, desires are more important right now than getting laundry done or whatever else may be on my afternoon “Mommy’s Hour” agenda.   These days, no, they don’t belong to me.

  1. Oh. I remember those non-napping days. I hated those days. The problem being that you use that one hour as an incentive to get through the morning with a smile on your face. Then when it's taken away from you…ugh. That's a tough one to take. It's like finishing the day on empty. Better luck tomorrow!

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