Visting Santa

It has been a few years since we’ve seen the “Mall Santa”- the last few years we have gone to Miss Marleen’s and Santa comes there with presents!!   My sister wanted all the kids to go together so we headed to the mall with my mom.  (Sidenote… I’m not sure I’ve stepped foot in our local mall since Gap closed uh… 3 years ago???)

As expected, Hudson was SO unsure of Santa.  Heather had to carry him up there (his face buried in her shoulder, refusing to look at Santa).  He didn’t cry or scream or anything, just totally ignored Santa- wouldn’t look at him or speak to him!  HAHAHA!  It was quite humorous.   To be fair, he really didn’t feel good either- he was hit hard with a cold and had been up all night and super early that morning so he was tired and under the weather.  

Amelia didn’t mind him at all… she was kind of confused about what was going on.  
Porter walked right up to him, fiddled with his teeth and tie a bit but told him what he wanted for Christmas (this day in particular he wanted a new nerf gun.  Previously, his request was a pistol or a cross bow to which I explained to him that Santa won’t bring presents that he knows Mommy’s and Daddy’s don’t want their kids to have.  He took that into consideration and changed his request HAHA!)

And the whole clan.  What a mess.  

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