Thirty one seems like an insignificant year. It really is. It isn’t the age you are allowed to legally drink. Nor the age that takes you out of your forever young twenties Nor is it the age that sends you over the hill. It’s easy to forget thirty one.

My husband, however, did not. What I thought was an unsuspecting annual “birthday buddies” dinner with the Huffs (Don and I, along with Heather Morrison, share December 10 as a birthday) turned into the results of a month long conspiracy between Katie and Ryan to surprise Don and I for our birthdays!

Sure, There were a few instances where I wondered if something was going on… My sister mentioned my mom was going to be in town (and then insisted she was just overtired and losing track of the date), and then the fact that we were going to a different restaurant than normal, in which Ryan blamed it on each of us as an excuse (he told me I picked the restaurant last year and Don wanted Buffalo bBQ wings- even though I was so craving a chocolate thunder for my bday I kept my mouth closed for the sake of compromise). And there were a few other things that made me think hmmmm but for the most part I was clueless. I blame today on being uuber cranky and missing lots of signs. I was dreading dinner…. Was grumpy and irritable and just wanted to hole up at home.

We picked don and Katie up (should have been another clue… We normally meet up), and Katie was impatiently texting me “where are you?? Mamas hungry!!” And on the way there we got into a deep Disney vacation conversation.

When we got to the restaurant I saw Adrian, and it still didn’t register until we walked around the corner and there were family members and amazing friends all gathered to celebrate with us!! My best surprise- my mom flew into town!!! I was floored. Could not believe they pulled it off and that they thought to do something like this. It sure makes thirty one seem a lot more significant. Thank you to everyone who came (and thank you to those who couldn’t make it but I know you wanted to be there!). And even more thanks to Ryan and Katie for showing Don and I how loved we are, and that thirty one (and thirty six) don’t have to be as insignificant as they seem.

  1. Happy Birthday Nicole! Since I'm not on Facebook anymore, I miss getting the birthday updates so I'm sorry if I'm late. 🙂 I'm glad you had a great day…what an awesome hubby!

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