Hudson is going through a phase (I say this because I’ve learned that most everything my kids do is a “phase”…. This too shall pass) where he is afraid to sleep in his room. He’s scared of the dark. Nevermind he sleeps with his mini Christmas tree lights on as well as his bunk bed encircled in Christmas lights. And before the Christmas decor he would often sleep with his bedside lamp on until he fell asleep.

Anyhow, this “scared of the dark” has been going on for a few weeks now. He usually ends up on bed with us. He tries to get Porter to have “sleepovers” but Porter is not into it at all. Refuses to share a room with Hudson, even for just a night.

Tonight I fell asleep with Hudson and woke around 11:30. I headed downstairs, a second wind, and got some things done on the computer. Hudson woke up around 3am and came downstairs to sit with me. When we headed up to bed shortly after, he didn’t want to sleep in his bed.

“But daddy will be lonely if I sleep with you”

“Poe can sleep with daddy.”

“Well who will sleep in Poe’s bed?”

“Cooper can”

“How about I put a sleeping bag on Porter’s floor and you sleep in there?”

He was all for that idea, though skeptical because he knows Porter wouldn’t approve. I told him we would be sneaky and he wouldn’t know.

I tucked him in on the floor and he snuggled into his sleeping bag.

“Next time you want to do this, mom?”

“Sure, you can do this again”

“Ill get you a pink sleeping bag. And a purple one. With sparkles! Because you need a sparkly one.”

Ohhhh…. That was an invite for me to sleep on the floor too! Haha! And looks like I’ll be sleeping in style.


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