Porter | ER 1.2.13

5:00pm:  Say a little prayer.  Nothing extremely major but porter was outside this afternoon and had a piece of his plastic cross bow in his mouth, was running and fell.  He was spitting blood and upon first inspection we thought he just cut his gums.  Upon further inspection there was a hole through the tissue near his tonsils.  

To the ER we go.  10 people ahead of us.   We didn’t wait too awful long and were taken to a room for a PA to see him.  She immediately said a doctor needed to look at him and possibly ENT. 

6:00pm: The doctor came In and well, when you hear “hmmmm.”  It’s not good.  He says to Porter “you shouldn’t try to do your own tonsillectomy, kiddo.”

6:30pm: We were sent back to a room and prepped to have him put under and either stitched up or his tonsil taken out (not clear at this moment what route they’re going).  First attempt at an IV was unsuccessful.  Porter screamed and told te nurse to piss off.  (Eeeek.  Cue parents of the year award as I bit my tongue trying not to laugh)

That IV didn’t work and a second nurse came in to do another.  That went smoothly, and Porter preferred watching everything she did as opposed to looking away.

7:30pm: They sedated him and attempted to sew his throat up but after 2 doses of ketamine and trying for about half an hour, they decided an ENT needed to do it.  Unfortunately, the local ENT had just had emergency surgery on himself 2 days ago so we had to be transported to Motts.  

8:30pm: Porter was somewhat awake for his first (and pray to God only) ambulance ride.  He was funny coming off the sedation- he said I had 4 eyes and every time we passed a semi he’d say “what the heck was that?!”

9:00pm: At Motts we for checked in and in a room immediately.  Two doctors saw him and decided he needed to have it looked at and repaired in an OR.  

11:00pm: ENT resident came in (damn every doc and nurse  here at Motts is amazing with kids) and did a scope down p’s nose to make sure it didn’t puncture through his palette.  Looks good thus far.  It did go into the muscle.  He described how fatal this could have been with the carotid artery running along the back of the throat.  I never realized.   It is almost sounding like we may be able to go home and let it heal on its own?  

The rest of the story:
It turns out that they didn’t want to do surgery.  The specialist said the throat heals itself amazingly well and that antibiotics were not even necessary.  Around 1am they decided to admit him to a room on the 12th floor for observation overnight.  It turns out they were much more concerned with a blood clot from any possible damage to the carotid artery, which could cause a stroke.  This freaks me out.  At Allegiance, they were going to just sew up his throat and send him home.  There was not a word mentioned about his carotid artery, how dangerous it could be etc.  I was so thankful that we were in the hands of specialists- specialists with the throat and specialists with children.   

I went home to get a few hours of sleep so I could photograph LeeAnn’s birth in the morning.  Ryan stayed with Porter.   On Thursday they decided they wanted to keep him for the day for more observation.  After Aaron was born I drove up around 1:00 with Amelia and Hudson to pick up Porter.  

I am so so thankful that this didn’t end up tragic.  It never crossed my mind that he could have bled out on our driveway had that hit a few millimeters deeper or to the side.  Thank God.  Thank God.  

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