Amelia Jane | 9 months old

One of my favorite things about being a parent is watching my kids grow up and blossom into little people… watching their likes and dislikes form, their personalities evolve and seeing them change day by day.   When I had Hudson I loved comparing he and Porter’s personalities.  They were like night and day.  I remember thinking I’d love to have like 10 kids because it would be so amazing to see what kind of little people emerge from that.   (Based on my patience with 3 kids, I don’t think that’s such a great idea)

Watching Amelia grow and change has been even more fun than with the boys because I have her two older brothers to compare and contrast her to.   I know you’re not “supposed” to compare your kids, but I do.  Not in a bad way, though… I just love seeing who takes after who, who shares similar traits, who is stark opposites.

Families with just girls make me chuckle, as I don’t think they’ll ever truly understand the wild boybarian behavior that families with boys have (though… I do know the rare girl-only family with wild-child girls, and the rare boy-only family with meek, mild boys).   Our family?  I have a feeling we will function must like boy-only families.  My kids are loud, rambunctious and full of energy.  All 3 of them.  Sitting still and coloring?  Drawing?  Activity books?  Puzzles?  Doesn’t happen often in this house.  Running circles in the house?  Flipping off of furniture?  Wrestling on the floor until someone gets hurt?  Yeah.  That’s my life.  

Amelia’s personality is such a mixture of both of the boys.  She is uuber smiley like Hudson was as a baby.  Porter was not easy to make smile, though he was a happy baby (you wouldn’t know from a majority of his pictures!).  Amelia is all around so happy and fun loving.  She is outgoing like Porter.  She loves strangers and smiles at everyone she sees.  Hudson is the opposite   he is super shy with strangers.   Amelia is also very active like Porter was as a baby.  This scares me because I know wehre this busy-ness leads to.  She is constantly on the move.  She loves to crawl and climb and et into things.  Hudson at this age was content on just sitting and playing.  Porter is still a wiggle worm.  Sitting still is not his strong suit and often dinnertime (or eating in public with him) gives me anxiety because there. Is. No. Still.  It is constant movement.  Drives me crazy.

Amelia is so very good with listening.  When she is told no, or no thanks, she generally will stop and look at you and stop what she was doing.  She does think its funny to go for things she has been told no about and say “uh oh! uh oh!”

At 9 months old she:
Loves to talk.  We will have a serious talker on our hands when she starts to form real words.  This girl will sit and have a “conversation” with her curtains (she loves the floral print) or her doll, or her blanket.  She makes all sorts of sounds and you’d think she knows exactly what she’s saying.

She says da-da, uh oh, all gone, la la (Ella) and Thank you.

She’s not a huge fan of veggies.  She loves her fruit, baby food or regular table food. and i often mix her veggies with fruit to get her to finish them.

She is a climber… she climbs over boxes and pillows and toys, and is climbing stairs!

Takes 1-2 naps a day.  She is so flexible on her schedule.  Today she napped for about 20 minutes this morning while we ran errands.  

She loves the cat.   The cat loves her.

She sleeps 12 hours a night

She is down to about 3 bottles a day (sometimes more, depends…)

She wears 6-12m clothes and size 3 diapers.

She loooves her daddy.

Separation anxiety (or attachment to mama) is starting to set in.  Every 3rd Sunday I work in the nursery at church and on the Sundays I don’t?  She isn’t too happy.

She loves to rough and tumble with the boys.  Throw her in the air, swing her around, toss her onto the bed… she loves it.

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